Reviewing More Makeup from Found!

Hello friends! About 6 months ago or so, I wrote a blog post talking about an affordable beauty brand sold at Walmart, Found.   They were a relatively new brand, and generously sent me some skincare items and a couple makeup items. I loved what I tried, and  now they have sent me some more products to … Continue reading Reviewing More Makeup from Found!

Oz Naturals Retinol Moisturizer [Review + Before/After Photos]

Hello friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year. I have been spending this morning preparing for a huge move! I currently live in Florida, but I will be moving up north in a week. I'm used to having 60 degree winters, but I'll soon be surrounded by snow. That just seems … Continue reading Oz Naturals Retinol Moisturizer [Review + Before/After Photos]