Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Whimsical Scents for Literary Lovers

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. AKA, the reason why I’ve spent hundreds of $$$ on perfume. Granted, that’s over the course of several years so I don’t feel too guilty.

This amazing company sells hand-blended perfume oils that are cruelty free and ethically made. Perfume oils are different from traditional perfumes, because they have a base of oil rather than alcohol. I used to be an avid proponent of alcohol-based perfumes.. but after switching to oils, I just can’t go back. Oil perfumes stick close to your skin, and meld with your body chemistry to give each user a unique experience. You don’t have the harsh smell of alcohol disrupting the notes. Ever since I started wearing oils, all alcohol-based perfumes started smelling the same to me.

Now, some people just dab on a little bit of lavender scented essential oil and call it a day. Well, BPAL delivers a more unique experience. They have hundreds (if not thousands) of perfume oils, many of which are themed around literature, pop culture, or mythology. If you want to play it safe, perhaps you can try White Rabbit – Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen. Want something a little more strange? How about The Robotic Scarab
Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils.

I first discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) in my freshman year of college. I am a huge fan of Jim Henson’s film Labyrinth, and I was looking for cool merchandise featuring Jareth the Goblin King. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted – maybe a shirt or a cool poster. But, when I saw on Google that BPAL had a perfume oil based on Jareth, I was thrilled!! I spent hours perusing BPAL’s entire site, lusting after the different scents. Unfortunately, Jareth is one of their most popular perfumes, and was out of stock. Instead, I bought a collection of Imp’s Ears (samples). And… I. Was. Hooked. These were seriously the most unique fragrances I had ever smelled! And every time a waft passed under my nose, I was immediately reminded of whatever reference the perfume was based after. Even if it’s an odd combination of notes that smells unusual rather than delicious, it still reminds me of a beloved character – and therefore becomes beloved to me.

The Norn’s Farmhouse – Dusty, ancient wood, horehound, and sage, with viper’s bugloss, mugwort, chamomile, nettle, apple blossom, chervil, and ashes

The really cool part about BPAL is that it has its own online community where you can discuss scents and even buy and sell used bottles for reduced prices! I’ve often scoured the forums looking for a limited edition bottle of perfume.

Alternatively, you can just buy the bottles fresh from the lab. Their official website is extensive, and it’s easy to feel lost. I would suggest starting here, on their Beloved Favorites page.

Warning: Lupercalia is live on the BPAL website. Basically, they sell all sorts of smutty scents this time of year, and there are a few… lascivious illustrations. If you don’t want to see that, just don’t head into the Lupercalia section of the sight. But, I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a perfume oil called Bright Red Dildo??

Now that I’ve turned you on to this amazing company, I want to tell you my personal favorite scents.

SIN: This is my go-to perfume. This was the first full-sized bottle of perfume I bought from BPAL, and I still have half the bottle left even after a couple years of use! It has a pretty simple composition: amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon. However, this is the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever worn. It’s warm and sultry, and makes me feel incredibly confident.

VERDANDI: This smells like fall! One deep whiff, and I’m walking in a forest, with plump, over-ripe fruit laying on the rotting leaves. I know that doesn’t sound super appealing, but it is divine. The notes are: Deep herbs and apple with black amber.

JARETH: Yes, I did eventually get my hands on a bottle! This scent is very… confusing. It’s floral, but not flowery. It smells cold at first sniff, but makes me feel warm inside. Buttery and soft.. but also masculine. Trust me, you haven’t smelled anything like it. The notes are: Ethereal lilac fougere and gleaming leather with ti leaf, tonka absolute, white musk, and oudh.

I really hope you are able to find a perfume you love from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! If you have any questions about their website or about a particular scent (I’ve tried a solid chunk of their collections), just leave a comment!


One thought on “Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Whimsical Scents for Literary Lovers

  1. erin applebee says:

    wow these sound really interesting, I’ve never tried perfumes like this before. I’m a labyrinth fan as well I think its really cool to have a perfume based on Jareth and it sounds like a very unique scent. These seem very intriguing I might have to look more into oil-based perfumes.


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