Bobbi Brown Mattifying Primer +Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation Review

Summer’s here, which means one of three things for makeup lovers:

  1. You reach for powders and BB creams rather than heavy foundation.
  2. You stick with your usual makeup routine and watch the makeup literally melt off your face.
  3. You hunt for the elusive unicorn of foundations: one that stays on your face in the heat, without looking caked on.

Honestly, I usually go with #1. For the last couple months, I was pretty much exclusively using Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Imperceptible Face Powder, because it was light and still smoothed out my redness. All my other foundations were barely there by the end of the day!

However, I got PR mail this month from Bobbi Brown:a  Primer Plus Mattifier and Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation. The two of these are supposed to work together to give your face a long-lasting, shine free finish even during the sweltering summer months. I’m going to review the two of these today and let you know if this combo delivers what it promises!


Let’s look at the primer first. Bobbi Brown describes the  Primer Plus Mattifier  as “A fresh, lightweight face primer that extends the quality of your foundation’s wear while controlling oil, blurring pores and helping keep skin’s moisture level balanced. Skin looks matte, never flat.”

This primer costs $38, and contains 1.4 fl oz of product. I think $38 for a primer this large is a reasonable price.  To put it in perspective, NYX Shine Killer costs $14 and has .67 fl oz. So, Bobbi Brown’s primer costs $27 per fl oz, and NYX’s primer costs $20 per fl oz. I think it’s impressive for a luxury makeup brand to have that close of a price point to a drugstore brand.

The Primer Plus Mattifier is:

– Paraben-free
– Sulfate-free
– Phthalate-free
– Mineral oil-free
– Vegan

Even though the product is vegan, Bobbi Brown is NOT a cruelty free brand.


The Primer Plus Mattifier smells strongly of lavender essential oils to me, which I find quite relaxing. However, it may not be suitable for somebody with fragrance sensitivities.

The bottle is a squeeze tube rather than a pump, which makes it easy to control the amount of primer dispensed. Once applied, it feels tacky rather than slick – but it dries down weightlessly in just a few seconds. It does a great job of filling in the pores in my T Zone, and it creates a matte base. I’ve paired it with foundations that usually break down in the heat, and it keeps them in good shape for a couple extra hours!


Let’s look at the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation next! Bobbi Brown describes this as “A 16-hour wear, full coverage foundation with a natural, multidimensional matte finish that’s comfortable, breathable, and weightless.” It contains marine sugar cane algae extract and natural mineral powders to control excess oil and shine. It also has SPF 15! It costs $46, and contains 1 fl oz of product.

The Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation is:

– Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; sulfite-free
– Vegan friendly and gluten-free
– Dermatologist tested
– Non-acnegenic

It comes in 30 shades, as seen in the chart below:


I received the shade Warm Ivory, which is fair beige with light yellow undertones.


The bottle is made of frosted glass, and has a pump nozzle.


Here’s about how much comes out with one pump:


This foundation is seriously one of the best looking finishes I’ve ever seen! It is matte without being drying, and full coverage while still looking natural. It blends easily, and doesn’t budge ALL day, even in the heat. I’ve been reaching for it every day over the past couple weeks, because none of my other foundations can make my skin look so flawless.

Here’s a close up at how it looks on my skin:


Now I do have one issue with this foundation: it feels awful. It’s called “Weightless” foundation, but it is very sticky and no amount of powder keeps it from feeling tacky. It never truly dries down, which is something that bugs me quite a bit. It’s not comfortable in the slightest, but I put up with it because of how gorgeous it looks.

Here is my makeup of the day, using the Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation:


If you are interested in the primer and the foundation, you can purchase them together on the Bobbi Brown website. You will receive 15% off, and a free makeup bag! I really hope you found this review useful; if you have any questions about the primer or foundation, please leave a comment below!

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