$1 Liquid Highlighters from KleanColor: Hot or Not?

Whenever I see a makeup product that is only a couple bucks, I feel compelled to add it to my cart. It doesn’t matter that I already have 20 liquid highlighters; how could I pass up such a great deal? 😉 Unfortunately, dollar makeup usually isn’t the best quality. Some companies, such as E.L.F, are able to keep their costs low and their quality high. But what about brands that aren’t so well known?

Well, today I’m going to be testing $1 liquid highlighters from KleanColor, a budget makeup brand. Most of their products range from $1 – $5, with the majority being on the cheaper end of that spectrum. None of their products are tested on animals, but not all of the products are vegan. KleanColor has very few reviews on their website, but mixed reviews across the web. Some people swear by their affordable makeup, and other says that the quality is sorely lacking. Hopefully today’s products will be winners!

I purchased the Glam Gleam  Liquid Illuminator in “Icy” and the Glow Light Liquid Highlighter in “Steel My Heart”


Let’s take a look at Glam Gleam first. It costs $1.50, and you get .5 oz of product. At first glance, it appears very similar in design to the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator, which costs $7.50.


The liquid illuminator comes in a little squeezy tube. You have to be careful when squeezing it, because it’s easy to squirt out too much by mistake.


Here’s what Glam Gleam looks like when applied to my hand. It has a very greasy consistency, and isn’t very pigmented or reflective. It makes for quite a dull highlight, and is not very buildable.


You can barely even detect it on my cheekbone!


Here’s a more zoomed out look at the highlighter on my face. Honestly, my natural face oils are making me glow more than the highlighter.


The Glam Gleam was a fail for me. I didn’t like how greasy it felt, and it really didn’t add any shine to my face.

Next, let’s try the Glow Light Liquid Highlighter! This costs $1.00, and contains .09 oz of product. This is a really tiny amount! In comparison, the similarly sized NYX Away We Glow highlighter contains .22 oz and costs $7. I purchased the shade “Steel My Heart”, which is an icy lavender.


This highlighter has a doefoot applicator, which doesn’t pick up a lot of product. I think if it had a little divot in the middle of the wand, it would be easier to apply the highlighter.


The Glow Light is so beautiful! It is much more pigmented than the other highlighter, and it is definitely reflective. I love the shade Steel My Heart; the purple hue makes me think of summertime festivals.


Here’s how Glow Light looks on my cheekbones:


My only real issue with Glow Light is that it dries extremely quickly, which makes it hard to blend. After swiping it on your face, you’ve got about five seconds to blend it in before it dries down.


Out of the two highlighters, the Glow Light Liquid Highlighter was definitely my favorite! It isn’t the best highlighter I’ve ever tried, but I don’t think I wasted my money on it. I really love its icy purple color, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into some makeup looks. On the other hand, I do not recommend the Glam Glow Liquid Illuminator. You would be better off spending an extra couple dollars on the NYX Born To Glow. I hope you found this review useful! Let me know if you want me to test out some more $1 makeup. 🙂


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