My Easy Guide to Flirty, Doe-Eyed Lashes

Hello friends! Today is a first for The Whimsical Chick: a lash tutorial. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I rarely wear false lashes. Why? Well, if you have the fine motor skills of a moose (like me), then they can be a pain to apply. Plus they are just so darn heavy on the eyes! However, I recently had the opportunity to partner with Private Label Extensions, and I decided to create a lash look that anybody can pull off. It’s basically foolproof, and it actually isn’t heavy at all! Plus it looks GORGEOUS. 

Private Label Extensions sells wholesale lashes to salons and beauty brands, who then turn around and charge a markup. However, you can purchase directly from Private Label Extensions and completely avoid that markup. Like, they’re crazy cheap. You can get a pair of faux lashes for $6 and mink lashes for $9. I’m a furless blogger, so they sent me two gorgeous faux styles: Rose and Lotus.


Top: Rose, Bottom: Lotus


I will be using Lotus in today’s tutorial. Here’s a closer look at the lashes:


For this look, I’m using Duo Striplash Adhesive in black. If you are a beginner, make sure to use black adhesive. If you make a mistake, it blends in with your eyeliner. There are some clear adhesives out there, but I find that they are more visible in the finished look.


Go ahead and squeeze a line onto the back of your hand. Use a pair of lash tweezers to gently coat the lash’s band in the adhesive.


Be careful not to get any on the actual lash fibers! The adhesive should barely be visible once coated.


The hardest part of applying false lashes (for me, at least) is getting the inner corner to stay down. In this tutorial, we don’t have to worry about the inner corner at all! Match the outer corner of the lash to the outer corner of your lash line. Don’t worry about sticking down the inner corner. Make a mental note of how much lash sticks up in the air.


Gently remove the lash and cut off the entire portion that was sticking up in the air. This is roughly what it should look like:


At this point my lash glue was still tacky, so I was able to put it back on without adding any more. If your adhesive has dried down, go ahead and add some more.

This is what it looks like so far. The end is a little messy and obvious, but that will be fixed in later steps. I really like how curled this style is, because it really gives me that flirty, doe-eyed look I was going for.


Normally you apply eyeliner before lashes, but we’re going to apply it now. Slightly trace over the top of the band, and then fill in the missing inner corner. This should completely camouflage where the band is cut off.


Here’s what it should look like when you close your eyes. You can’t even tell that the band stops halfway!


Finally, add some mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Adding it to the top will help your natural lashes stick to the falsies.


I repeated this technique on my other eye:


I really love the effect this gives! I am obsessed with this, and so is my fiance. When I came down to show him my makeup, he asked me to wear my lashes like that during our anniversary dinner!!

I incorporated the lashes into today’s makeup look. I  love bold lashes should be paired with a bold lip, so I’m using Medusa’s Makeup Metal AF in Cherry Pie.


Okay, bear with me while I bombard you with #MOTD selfies… I just couldn’t pick a favorite!




So, that’s my method to getting super sexy, doe-eyed lashes. You don’t have to worry about getting the inner corner to stick down, and the lashes aren’t as heavy since they are cut in half. Please let me know if you end up trying this!


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