How To Get Mega Volume Waves In 10 Minutes! (Feat. Jose Eber Trio Clipless Curler)

Summer’s here. It’s pretty damn hot. Nobody wants to spend an hour curling their hair in the summer, sweat dripping down their neck, totally miserable. I mean, unless you stand in front of an open freezer door. If you can afford the electric bill, hey, go for it! Or, if you are like me, maybe just opt for a quick and easy curl! This tutorial will show you how to get high volume, bouncy waves in under ten minutes. Plus, it’s perfect for beginners – if I can do it, anybody can.

Today I’m going to be using the Jose Eber Trio Clipless Curler. They were kind enough to send me the device to create a hair look for you guys! The Trio Clipless Curler comes with three differently sized barrels, which are easily interchangeable. I’ve never been able to figure out how to use a clip iron, but this clipless one makes it a breeze. Plus, it comes with a heat resistant glove; if you are a little careless with your hand placement (like me), you won’t get burnt!


If you’re curious about the barrels, the Trio Clipless Curler comes with a 19mm barrel for tight curls, a 25mm barrel for looser curls, and a tapered barrel. I’ll be using the 19mm and the 25mm in this tutorial.

All right, let’s get started! You want to make sure you are starting out with a smooth canvas. Brush through your hair, and prep it with your favorite heat protectant.


Next, separate your hair into an upper layer and a bottom layer. Clip back the upper layer, because we’ll be working on the bottom first.


Go ahead and turn on your curler, and attach the 25mm barrel. The display will let you know when it reaches your desired temperature. For this whole tutorial, I kept the curler on 300 degrees Fahrenheit. I have very thick hair; if you have fine or silky hair, I would recommend setting it on 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the curler is heating up, make sure you have on your protective glove! Once it’s the proper temperature, hold it near your scalp. Make sure you point it downwards and away from your face.


With your gloved hand, wrap a thick section of hair around the barrel. For this look, I spiraled the hair away from my face. Hold the hair in place for a few seconds. Since my hair is thick, I held it in place for five full seconds. If you have thinner hair, three seconds should be fine. Let go of your hair, and gently slide the curler out of your hair. Do NOT pull it downwards, or it will mess up the curl. It should look like this:


That whole process should only take about 10 seconds. Now, repeat the rest of the bottom layer. This will go by pretty quickly, because you are using large segments of hair. Don’t worry about making the segments even; this is going to be a super casual, slightly messy look.

Once you’ve got your bottom layer curled, brush through it the tiniest bit with your fingers. Turn off your curler, and let the barrel cool down. Then, switch over to the 19 mm barrel. This is the most time consuming part of the tutorial.

When your curler is heated up again, unclip the top layer of your hair. Grab medium sized chunks of hair (see photo below), and wrap around the curler the same way as the bottom layer. We want these smaller, more defined curls on top. The larger curls on the bottom are what’s providing all the volume. Go through your entire top layer, one medium sized chunk at a time. Because you are using smaller chunks, it will take a little longer than the bottom layer. However, it shouldn’t take longer than three minutes to do.


My hair is halfway finished in this photo!


Once you’ve completed the top layer, brush through it with your fingers again and then spray with a lightweight hairspray. Here is how my finished look turned out:



This was such a fun and easy way to curl my hair! I am in love with this clipless curler, and it makes doing my hair a breeze. Oh, and the curls hold up pretty well. Here is what my hair looked like later in the day:


I hope you found this hair tutorial useful! And a huge thanks to Jose Eber for sending me this Trio Clipless Curler. If you are looking for a good curler, be sure to check them out HERE.


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