Beauty by PopSugar: Hit or Miss?

If you are a beauty junkie, chances are you’ve read a PopSugar article at some point. For years, PopSugar has been my go to source for news about product launches, tips on makeup application, and MOTD inspiration. Well, they have ingrained themselves even further in the beauty community by launching a makeup line! I received a few items from their line from Influenster, and I will be putting them to the test.

PopSugar sent out their products in this cute little pouch. I plan on adding it to my vast collection of makeup bags (here’s looking at you Ipsy), because clear bags are really convenient.


They sent me a little pamphlet with pictures of all of their makeup products. They have added more products to their collection, so I would advise heading HERE to check out everything they have.


They also sent me a sheet of adorable temporary tattoos! I really love the watercolor flowers and the rainbow. I love when brands include little extras like this with your makeup.


All right, time to talk about what you are really here for: the makeup! PopSugar sent me three makeup products. Can you guess what they are from this picture?


I received a Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm, a Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub, and a Thick+Thin Mascara.


Let’s take a look at the Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub first. This is quite different from my other lip scrubs, because you don’t have to wipe it off! Its natural formula dissolves right on your lips, so you can use this scrub literally anywhere. You’re on the bus and notice you have flaky lips? No problem, just pop out the scrub and give your lips a swipe! This alone makes me love the scrub, but I’m also impressed by its tasty cotton candy flavor.


The Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub uses fine grain sugar to exfoliate your lips, olive oil and castor oil to keep your lips moisturized, and Vitamin C and E for a brightening antioxidant boost. I love that PopSugar put so much thought into the sugar scrub’s natural formula.

Now on to what I don’t love: the size, and the price. You only receive a tiny amount of scrub, but it costs $22. I get that this is a high quality scrub, but I don’t think the price is justified. Maybe it would be worth it if you receive double the product, but I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for this.


Next, I received the Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15, in the shade “Blush Crush”. The packaging is really cute, and has a watercolor flower design on the back. The tube feels quite flimsy and cheap, but it will look nice on your vanity.


This balm uses candellila wax to soften and moisturize your lips, blueberry oil to block pollution, and green tea extract to brighten your lips. It is supposed to smell like creme brulee, but it smells like sickly sweet plastic to me.


The lip balm swatches as a rich, deep blush color but it applies much lighter on the lips. You can build it up with several swipes, but the shade on the lips looks completely different from in the tube and on the arm.


Here’s how it looks on the lips:


I think the balm is pretty, and it definitely leaves my lips feeling moisturized. I don’t like the smell at all, and the plastic tube is pretty flimsy – but I can overlook that. What I can’t overlook is the $20 pricetag. PopSugar is charging high-end prices for a drugstore quality balm. You can purchase a Chanel lip balm for the exact same price, and for much better quality. (Check out the Chanel balm HERE)

The final item PopSugar sent me was the Thick + Thin Mascara. This has pretty basic packaging, and it honestly seems like a prototype. Unfortunately, the rest of the mascara is basic as well.


It has a good premise: a thick wand on one end for volume and length, and a thin wand on the other end for bottom lashes. However, the thick wand is super awkward. I almost never get mascara on my eyelid, but this just made a huge mess during application. It is super wet, and takes forever to dry down. The formula is weird, and clumps my lashes together. It definitely lengthens them, but it actually reduces my volume and makes it look like I have bald patches in my lashes! I strongly dislike this mascara, and I can’t believe they are charging $25 for it. It performs worse than a $1 mascara I picked up from Miss A Cosmetics.

Here’s a look at the mascara wands:



And here is how it looks on my lashes. The left side has mascara, and the right side does not. You can see how it makes my lashes look very spaced out! There was nothing I could do to make my lashes look more evenly distributed, because the formula was just so gluey.



Here is my makeup of the day, complete with mascara and the lip balm:


The Beauty by PopSugar collection is a miss for me. I really liked the lip scrub, but the lip balm and the mascara fell flat. They are way overpriced, and are drugstore quality. I was really excited about this makeup launch, and I hate being negative about it – especially when the brand was kind enough to send PR. I just can’t overlook the flaws, so I don’t recommend the lip balm or the mascara. If you are okay with spending $20 on a lip scrub, I do think it’s pretty nice and would recommend it. I hope you found this review useful! Please leave a comment if you have a question about the makeup I tried.



12 thoughts on “Beauty by PopSugar: Hit or Miss?

  1. erin applebee says:

    great review, Its annoying when brands think they can charge high-end prices but the quality isn’t up to the same standard. and especially if your having to pay a bit for little products.


    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      I agree! I am shocked that they chose such a high price point. I think if they had kept prices around Colourpop’s price range, the launch would be much more successful.


  2. Always Cleia says:

    That’s so disappointing that Popsugar’s makeup line is more drugstore quality than high end, especially with the prices they’re charging. I do like the look of the balm on you but the plastic smell is a big red flag for me =/


  3. thesmalladventurer says:

    It’s great to see such an honest review! Sometimes it can feel a little iffy posting negative things, but other consumers will value you and your blog so much more by being honest and warning them about products that just aren’t worth your time. At least those temporary tattoos are cute!


    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      Thank you! I’ve been blogging for forever, and I still feel uncomfortable talking about products that I don’t like. And the temp tattoos are adorable 🙂


  4. Holly says:

    So happy to have stumbled upon this review! I’m buying a few new makeup items right now, so this was super helpful. That scrub sounds amazing, but definitely not at that price point. I’m surprised that Popsugar would charge this much for their products! I would’ve thought they’d have developed a more affordable beauty line, since I would imagine that’s what their readers would enjoy most…but who knows!


    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      If you are looking for a lip scrub, I really like the ones from Lush! They have a flavor called “Mint Julips”, which is mint & chocolate. And it’s only $10, which is a much more reasonable price. I agree, I think Popsugar should have released a collection with prices similar to Colourpop’s. I think it would have been much more successful!


  5. Svengoolie Newmar says:

    A straightforward, balanced review– that is getting harder and harder to find these days! 😉
    I was irritated that PopSugar dared to release a makeup line, as it’s a quick money-making scheme. But I’m glad you bought and reviewed the products. At least the tattoos looked good and the lip scrub felt even better…


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