How I Make $1800 Per Month Working Online Part-Time

I can see the skepticism on your face through the screen. Trust me, I’ve been there. I must have read hundreds of “Make Money From Home” articles that just tell you to fill out online surveys, or that send you to sites where you get paid pennies to verify Captchas. Well, I have finally found a way to work from home, make enough money to support myself, AND have fun! 

I’m currently working for three companies: Landi Subject English, Cambly, and Appen. I also do occasional housework to bring in some extra money, but we won’t get into that today.

So, I must be pretty busy working for three companies right? Well no, not really. I work about 23 hours a week and take home $450. That averages out to about $20 an hour, which is WAY more than I ever thought I could make online! Keep reading to find out more about the companies I work for, and how you can work for them too!

Landi Subject English – Teacher

The Company

Landi Subject English is an immersive content-based learning course that teaches English to students in China. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of teaching for Landi, and it is definitely the best job I’ve ever had! I get to have fun with kids, and never a day goes by where they don’t bring a massive smile to my face.


My Job

I signed up as an “Experience Teacher”; so, I give students demo lessons of Landi’s curriculum. This means I am teaching the same few lessons over and over again. When I first started, it seemed really repetitive and boring. However, over time I learned to focus on each student, and make every a lesson a unique experience. I have started using an app called ManyCam, which lets you add effects and stickers to your camera. If I find out during a lesson that a student loves robots, I can put on a robot “mask” and start a impromptu vocabulary game. You learn to think fast, because you only see these students once and you want to give them an amazing experience.

If the idea of repetition doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can sign up as a “Regular Teacher”. These teachers work with the same students every week, and they work through the entire Landi curriculum. There are so many lessons, and sometimes I get a little jealous of how much fun they are having!


  • You must be available to work 12 hours a week during 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. EST
  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree (this is according to their website, but I know a few teachers who got the job while still in school)
  • You must have a computer and reliable Internet access
  • You must be a native English speaker


I do not know how much “Regular Teachers” make, but my base pay is $21/hour. I also receive a generous bonus for each student who signs up for Landi after taking my demo lesson. I just received my data for May; 30 students signed up, so I will be receiving a bonus of $420! Experience teachers also get something called a “slot bonus”, which basically means you get fifty cents per thirty minute lesson. Sometimes students will not show up for a lesson, or your lesson slot will not get booked. You will receive the fifty cent bonus regardless of if you teach the lesson or not. Regular Teachers are paid for the whole lesson (lucky!). They do not get the student sign-up bonuses though, so it evens out.

Landi only pays once a month. On the one hand, that means paychecks are pretty hefty. On the other hand, it means I have to be careful with my money to make sure I have enough set aside to pay bills. My check for May will be coming in between June 10th – 15th. I taught a total of 101 thirty minute lessons in May, which will bring in $1060. On top of that, I have the $420 conversion bonus, and the $50 slot bonus. So, my total check will be about $1500. The bonuses bring my earnings up to about $27/hr! Oh, and if you are one of the top three performing teachers, you will get another bonus of $100. Fingers crossed that I will make it this month. 😉

If you apply for Landi, please consider sending an email to with your name. If I provide a name of somebody who is hired, I receive a referral bonus. Of course, this is entirely up to you. 🙂 

Cambly – Tutor

The Company

Cambly is another language learning platform, except you are teaching adults! You are paid to practice conversation with people from across the world. It is usually unstructured, and sometimes you might spend an hour talking about music, books, and sports.


My Job

I get to pick my schedule with Cambly in advance. The great part is you can work at any hour of the day, and as many or as few hours as you want. You can open hours that students can reserve for lessons, and you can also sign up for shifts called “Priority Hours”. You are on call during Priority Hours and will likely talk to several students. These are mostly free trial students (think, 5 minute calls that are pretty low quality), but occasionally you will get a 30 minute or an hour call. I love Priority Hours because it is the best way to establish a “regular” student. These are the students that will actually book lessons with you later in the week.

For example, let’s say I open my schedule Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. I also choose one priority hour every day at 10 a.m. For the first couple weeks, I might not get any bookings on my schedule, but I will talk to lots of students while I am on call. But after a little while, some students really like me and decide to book several lessons over the next couple weeks. This has happened to me, and I have spent many hours over the last few weeks helping a select few students prepare for tests. I have found that test preparation is my niche! When my regular students are finished with test preparation, I will go back to priority hours to establish new regulars.

Over the past several weeks I have talked to so many amazing people from around the world. I’ve talked doctors, archers, students, sports players, and more. I’ve heard amazing stories, and have learned so much about the world.


Cambly pays you $0.17 per minute of talk time, which is $10.20 per hour. So, if you sign up for 2 priority hours but only talk for 85 minutes you will make $14.45. In May I made $140 from Cambly, for 14 hours of talk time. However, I was sitting available at my computer for 15 hours. That amounts to 1 hour of unpaid time; but, I was able to read at my desk and work on some posts. Cambly pays out every Monday, as long as you meet their $20 minimum threshold. They pay through Paypal, which I love!

My total Cambly talk time over the several weeks:



  • No teaching or tutoring experience is necessary. However, experience will give you an advantage over other applicants.
  • You must have a webcam, computer, and reliable Internet access

My Cambly Referral Link:

Appen – Social Media Evaluator

The Company

Appen employs people to help evaluate clients’ social media platforms, search engines, eCommerce sites, and more. Jobs typically range from 5-20 hours a week, and $9-$11 an hour.


My Job

So, this job definitely isn’t as fun as working with Landi or Cambly. However, it is much easier! I was hired for an Instagram Ad Evaluator position, and I work 5 – 7 hours a week. I believe you can also apply for a 20 hour per week position. I log on to Instagram for one hour a day, and evaluate about 20 ads. It is pretty simple; first you answer several multiple choice questions about the ads’ relevance, visual attractiveness, offensiveness, and more. Then, you write a few sentences about why you rated the ad that way. The rating has to be done on a mobile device. I use my iPad, because it is easier to type on than my phone. You keep track of your hours, and log them at the end of the day.


The pay for this job ranges from person to person, and is in the $8 – $13 range. I make $9 per hour, but my friend was recently hired and makes $11 per hour. I am not sure how they determine pay. I have a Bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience, so I am not sure why I am receiving a lower salary. Either way, I can’t really complain. It’s $9 to look at Instagram ads for an hour! Like Landi, you only get paid once a month. Payments are processed on the 10th of each month.


  • You must have a Facebook account, and a connected Instagram account
  • You must have a mobile device
  • You must have reliable Internet access
  • You must be able to complete training documents and a brief quiz

Okay, so that is how I make roughly $1800 per month from home! In May, I earned $207 from Appen, $140 from Cambly, and $1500 from Landi. I only work for 23 hours a week, and I make enough to pay all of my bills and still have some spending money leftover for makeup. If you have been considering working from home, I encourage you to look into any of these companies. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Or, feel free to email me at



16 thoughts on “How I Make $1800 Per Month Working Online Part-Time

    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      It would be difficult working at Landi on top of a full time job. But, you can easily add Appen or Cambly! Those require minimal commitment and you can do them at any time of day or night. 🙂


  1. fromdiamwithlove says:

    This was so helpful. So many bloggers post click bait on how they make money from home but its always surveys etc. This stuff is actually doable and practical! Thanks for sharing Im gonna check these out now!


  2. Change for the better says:

    This is awesome!! I was intrigued to know how much I earn as an international teacher teaching in Qatar, so I worked it out…

    I work roughly from 6am- 4pm so 10 hours a day including travel time (I thought this was important to add to accurately compare working online)

    We have 36 weeks work a year so 36 x 50 = 1,800 hours a year

    My basic salary in Qatari Riyals is 150,000 a year

    So this works out around 83 riyals per hour (currently $22 per hour)

    This doesn’t not take into account my stipend and extra pay for coaching sports teams and travel allowance and added benefits that come from working here but it gives a fair enough comparison… so $27 an hour probably comes out on top especially when you add in what you can do for the rest of the day!

    Thanks for sharing



  3. Dave Swanson says:

    Hello, thank you very much for sharing. May we please have an update on what’s working for you ESL teaching wise? I’m interviewing with Landi soon, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in retrospect. thank you in advance. Your article is great!


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