New Product Alert: Silk’n Flash & Go Infinity Hair Removal Device

Hello friends! Today I have a new product to tell you all about: The Silk’n Infinity. This is a beauty device that uses pulses of light to permanently remove hair growth without pain or irritation. It’s brand new, and I received one to test out for you guys.


This post is sponsored by Silk’n, but I have not been using the device long enough to give my solid opinion. I will be writing another post in a few months from now, showing before and after pictures and giving you my unbiased thoughts. According to Silk’n, I should expect a 70% reduction of leg hair in about 8 treatments (so about five months). Regardless of sponsorship, I am not going to recommend a product to you until I have thoroughly tested it out myself! So today, I will just be telling you all about the product. đŸ™‚

The Flash & Go Infinity Device costs $399, and it comes in a sleek & sturdy grey travel case.


Inside, you will receive an instruction manual, a warranty pamphlet, the laser device, a charger, two charger adapters, and a cleaning cloth.



I love how sleek and compact the Silk’n Flash & Go Infinity Device is! I have another laser hair removal device which is about double the size.


On the top of the device is a large square “pulse button”. Each press triggers a light pulse, which is what zaps your hair follicles.


The bottom of the device has a “treatment surface”, which you press against cleanly shaven skin. This is the part of the Infinity Device that flashes the pulses. It creates temporary pressure marks on your skin, so you can see which areas you have already treated. I love that feature! My other laser hair device does not leave a mark, so I have to guess which areas of skin I have already pulsed.

The treatment surface also has a skin color sensor. Light based hair removal can have adverse effects on dark skin complexion, such as burns and blisters. So, this device will detect the color of your skin, and it will not let you send pulses if your skin is past a certain level of pigmentation. The Flash & Go Infinity Device work best with light to medium skin, with brown to black hair.


On the bottom of the device is the control button. You use it to turn on the Flash & Go Infinity Device, as well as to control the energy of the pulses. A Level 1 is the least powerful, and a Level 5 is the most powerful.


You will receive a thick manual to ensure you safely and accurately use this device.


The final item you receive is a cleaning cloth. It is pretty standard, and if you lose it you can just use a screen cleaning cloth.


I can’t wait to see what my results will be! I have previously used a laser hair device on my armpits, so this time I will use the Flash & Go Infinity device on my legs. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “New Product Alert: Silk’n Flash & Go Infinity Hair Removal Device

  1. llindaxxo says:

    I’m excited to see your before and after photos! I’ve been getting laser hair removal at a clinic for over a year now and I’m almost completely done with my treatments – I basically have no more hair on my underarms, upper lip and legs. I have another 4 months on my contract to get whatever hair is left. But it wasn’t a cheap treatment plan, so I definitely want to see if this product works or not – then I can probably buy this product for the maintenance treatments.


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