Lengthening and Strengthening My Hair With Neocell Beauty Chews

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair for the last four years. I went through a really bad breakup, and let my best friend bleach my hair blonde and chop off a foot. BIG mistake. My hair was so brassy and extremely damaged – and I was a broke college student who couldn’t afford to get it professionally fixed. I ended up dying over it with brown hair dye, but I was never able to really fix the damage. 

Fast forward four years, and I picked up some pretty bad hair habits. I was so embarrassed of my damaged hair, so I kept it in a bun perpetually. I would leave it up, take it out in the shower to wash my hair, and immediately put it up afterwards. I think I have gone a couple weeks straight without brushing my hair before. I just didn’t want to spend energy working on something that I hated so much. Thankfully I take better care of my hair now, but the ends still suffer from my mistreatment. My hair has gone from sleek and shiny to dry and frizzy.

Here’s a “before” picture of my hair from a couple months ago:


A company called Neocell reached out to me and asked if I would like to review one of their products on my blog. I looked through their selection, and decided to try out their Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Chews. My hair and nails both needed improvement, so I was excited to see if these would work!

They sent me a 30 Count bag of Beauty Chews, which are made with Vitamin C and Collagen to improve hair quality, nail strength, and skin radiance. I had read a post about collagen supplements by one of my blogger friends, and I was hoping to have amazing results like she did.

File_001 (4)

A 30 pack of Neocell costs $12.50 at CVS, which is about 41 cents per chew. Neocell’s website is currently undergoing renovation, but you will be able to purchase this from them soon.

File_001 (5)

The chews are berry flavored, and remind me of Starbursts. I was quite taken aback by how good these taste! Make sure you just stick to one a day though, even if you have a sweet tooth. 😉 One soft chew contains 20 calories, 60 mg of Vitamin C, 6,000 mcg of Biotin, 100 mg of BioActive Neocell Collagen, and 20 mg of Hyaluronic Acid.

File_001 (3)

After 30 days of taking these Beauty Chews, I was noticing differences in my hair and nails. My nails were growing much faster, but unfortunately were not strengthened. Once my nails reach 1/4 inch in length, they just snap right off. Brittle nails run in my family, and the Beauty Chews were not able to remedy that. However, I noticed an amazing change in my hair. Not only did it grow very fast, but it also looks so much more hydrated, and is sleek again! There is barely even a hint of frizz, and it looks so different from the “before” picture. Both pictures were taken with my hair unbrushed and in its natural state.


I am so pleased with the results in my hair! I haven’t had great results in my skin or nails, which is an issue – after all, they are called Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Chews. However, the change in my hair is enough to make these worth it for me. I think great hair alone is worth the $12 price tag. Keep in mind, your experience may be different than mine; you may take this supplement and have great results with your nails. I just want you to know how my trial went. 🙂

File_001 (1)

The Neocell Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Chews are affordable, tasty, and did wonders for my hair. If you suffer from dry and brittle hair, I definitely recommend trying out a 30 day supply. I hope you found this review useful, and please leave any questions for me in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Lengthening and Strengthening My Hair With Neocell Beauty Chews

  1. llindaxxo says:

    This product sounds great! Ever since I murdered my hair last year, it’s never been the same healthy thick hair. I’ve been trying to repair it with masks and oils but I think I need to try a supplement now!


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