ELF x Christian Siriano Liquid Matte Lipstick [Swatch + Review]

Okay, so before we get into this post, I have a life update for you all. Over the last month, I have gotten engaged, picked up another part time job, and… adopted a dog! Here’s a photo of the newest addition to our family, Lorelei: 

File_001 (1)

For those of you who are here from Google and just wanted a review of the lipstick, my apologies. But can you really be upset after looking at such a gorgeous pup? 😉

Anyways, on to my review of the ELF x Christian Siriano liquid lipstick! I was shopping ELF’s spring sale in March, and came across their new Christian Siriano collection. I believe it contained one colorful eyeshadow palette, a lip oil, a matte liquid lipstick, and a makeup bag. At this point, my cart was already full of goodies, so I didn’t end up buying the entire collection – just the liquid lipstick. It was $6, so a little more expensive than most ELF products, but still quite affordable.


The Christian Siriano Matte Liquid Lipstick has such beautiful packaging! It is bright pink with pops of yellow, and it feels perfect for the upcoming summer months.


It has a doefoot applicator with a reservoir tip. I don’t love wands with the reservoir tips, because I find that too much product pools in the hole and makes for an uneven application.

Here is the swatch for the Christian Siriano Matte Liquid Lipstick that was on ELF’s website:

And here, is how it actually swatched:


As you can see, the actual product is much brighter and pinker. ELF seemed to be marketing the lipstick as a fuschia shade, but it was actually hot pink. Both are similar shades, but fuschia is deeper and has more blue undertones.

I quite liked the texture of the lipstick; it was very creamy and was almost identical to the NYX Soft Matte Cream Lipsticks. However, the Christian Siriano Matte Liquid Lipstick does a much better job of drying down to a matte finish, and it is pretty resistant to transfer. It is very pigmented, and lasts so long! The only issue I have with application is that it tends to smear around while it is wet. You need to apply a couple of layers if you want even coverage.

The lipstick also didn’t feel drying to me. I think this is because the formula includes Vitamin E, which is supposed to condition your lips. Here is a closeup of how the lipstick performs:


And here is my makeup of the day, with the ELF x Christian Siriano Matte Liquid Lipstick worked in! I kept the rest of my makeup simple, because this is such a bold color.


Overall, I think this is a great lipstick at an affordable price. It is pigmented, long lasting, and easy on my lips. Plus, it is such a fun summer color! As I mentioned earlier, I did have problems with patchy application. If you are willing to take a little more care upon applying and put on two coats, I don’t think you will mind. However, if patchiness is a big issue for you, I would suggest checking out the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade “Addis Ababa”. It is an almost identical shade at the same price point, and the formula of the NYX lipstick makes it much easier to apply.  The drawback is that it will not be as long lasting or transfer proof.

I hope you found this review useful! Leave a comment below and tell me about your favorite summery lipstick shade. 🙂


9 thoughts on “ELF x Christian Siriano Liquid Matte Lipstick [Swatch + Review]

  1. hcuperus says:

    You look good in that bright shade. I am all about the neutrals myself. I might have to try this product out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. La shell says:

    I love ELF! Especially their brushes. I’ve never tried a liquid lip that didn’t dry my lips out. Because these are so affordable I think I’d give another matte liquid lippie a chance. Thanks for the review !!


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