Shaving On the Go with Remay Shave Gel Bar

Between the months of February and May, I didn’t shave my legs at all. I had moved from sunny Daytona Beach, to freezing and rainy St. Louis. My new city was having unusual weather, and it was snowing right up until May! I’ve always believed that if you aren’t going to be wearing clothes that show your legs, why bother shaving? You can save time and money, and keep plastic razors out of landfills by taking a break from shaving each year. 

However, this means that you will have some very furry legs to shave once sunny weather comes back! This weekend, my boyfriend and I were planning on going to a Cinco De Mayo festival. Learn more about Cinco de Mayo history here – it’s NOT Mexico’s Independence Day, nor a day to appropriate culture. 

We wanted to leave at noon, and I was trying to find something to wear at 11:30. It was finally sunny out! Last week it was chilly, but this weekend it was nearly 90 degrees. I realized that I would have to wear shorts, but my legs were so hairy. Sometimes, I just deal with it and go out with hairy legs & shorts anyways but today I didn’t want to do that. But there also wasn’t enough time for me to take a shower and shave! And I HATE dry shaving. But, I remembered that a company called Remay had sent me a shaving gel bar a couple months ago. I hadn’t tested it out yet, because of my no-shave winter pledge. This was the perfect time to give it a try!

Remay Shave Gel Bar Packaging

The great part about Remay’s shave gel bar is that you can use it in a shower, or on the go. Basically, as long as you have access to a little bit of water, you can use it. Its packaging is designed for the ultimate convenience; it is small, lightweight, and has grips on the sides for your thumbs. And it doesn’t make a mess at all!

Remay Shave Gel Bar 2

Remay’s Shave Gel Bars use coconut oil to moisturize your skin, as well as tea tree oil as a skin cleanser. When you get the bar wet, it produces a micro-barrier that lets your razor glide close to your skin for a smooth shave without any dryness. No razor burn today!

Remay Shave Gel Bar

If you add just a little bit of water, you can produce a clear gel:

Gel on Legs

But if you add more water, you can get a nice foamy lather.

Remay Shave Gel Bar 5

It took me about two minutes to shave each leg. I have never had such a great on-the-go shaving experience! It was completely comfortable, and I didn’t end up with any bumps or dry patches afterwards. My legs were smooth, and very moisturized from the coconut oil. It has been two days since I shaved, and the stubble is barely starting to grow back in.

Remay Shave Gel Bar 6

Each Shave Bar has enough gel to last for 3 months! You can buy a twin pack for $24.95, and a family pack of four is on sale for $39.95. Four bars will last you an entire year – so if you want to try out the Remay Shave Gel Bars, I would suggest taking advantage of that sale.

You can order through Remay’s site, HERE, or through Amazon, HERE.

I hope you found my review useful! What is your favorite method of hair removal?

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