Create a Gorgeous Glow With E.L.F. Shimmer Palette [Review and Swatches]

I have a guilty little secret: I’m a highlight hoarder. I didn’t even use highlight as part of my daily makeup routine a few years ago, but now I have a whole drawer stuffed full of them! There’s something seriously addictive about getting the perfect glow. Well, today I’m feeding my own addiction and reviewing the E.L.F. Shimmer Palette. IT WAS ON SALE, OKAY?! E.L.F. recently had a massive Spring Sale, and I was able to snatch this baby up for only $1.20! 

I also bought several other things because I have no self control when it comes to makeup. Maybe you’ll be seeing reviews on them soon… 😉

Anyways, let’s dive into this review! The E.L.F Shimmer Palette costs $4.00 when it isn’t on sale. It contains 4 cream highlights – a white, a peach, a bronze, and a pink. You can see the shades on the outside of the cardboard box, and it is pretty accurate.

Overhead View of Palette Packaging

The palette itself is made of sturdy black plastic, and there’s a little window where you can see the pans. I like this packaging – it’s simple, but feels like a high end product.

Overhead view of closed shimmer palette

The entire palette fits in my hand, and the pans are about 1 inch tall and .75 inch wide. You aren’t getting a huge amount of product in each pan, but it’s a good value for what you pay.

Overhead view of ELF Shimmer Palette

Here’s a closeup look at each pan:

Closeup of Shimmer Palette Pans

The swatches below were taken in natural daylight:

Swatches under natural lighting

These are the same swatches, under flash:

Swatches under flash

Okay, I am obsessed with the E.L.F. Shimmer Palette! At first, I was a little thrown off by the formula. The cream highlighters are formulated with mineral oil and a couple different waxes, so they feel quite thin and greasy. Once I applied them to my cheekbones and nose with my fingertip, they melded flawlessly with my skin and completely lost the greasy feeling. Oh, and I would definitely recommend using your finger to blend, rather than the brush included with the palette. The brush they included is actually pretty nice; I’ve been using it to apply eyeshadow under my lower lash line. It just isn’t great for applying cream products.

The highlighters are shimmery, but don’t have big chunks of glitter. Even when you build it up to a higher intensity, it still looks like a natural, lit-from-within glow. You can completely avoid the glazed doughnut look that some cream highlights give you.

Here’s a couple photos of my makeup from the other day. I used the third shade from the palette – the bronze one.

Shimmer Palette shade 3 on cheekbones

Makeup of the day, featuring ELF Shimmer Palette

I also found that the highlighters look even better as the day goes on! After six hours, my glow was even more radiant but still looked natural.

I do have one issue with this product – I really don’t think these highlighters would work with deeper skin tones. I am quite fair, and I was able to wear all of these. E.L.F’s website does not have other Shimmer Palette options for deeper skin tones, so I would definitely encourage them to create a greater shade range.

Other than the shade range issue, I think this is a high quality product that delivers a gorgeous, natural looking glow for a super affordable price! Out of my dozens of highlighters, I find myself reaching for this palette almost every day.

I hope you found this review useful! What highlighters have you been loving?


3 thoughts on “Create a Gorgeous Glow With E.L.F. Shimmer Palette [Review and Swatches]

    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      Some of their stuff has been disappointing to me as well, but they’ve really stepped it up recently! I ordered about 20 items a couple weeks ago, and loved 90% of it.


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