Maybelline Lip Studio Python Metallic Lip Kits [Swatches + Review]

Hello friends! My boyfriend recently treated me to a little Ulta shopping spree (he’s seriously the best), and I picked up a few things to review for you guys. One new-ish product that caught my eye was the Maybelline Lip Studio Python Metallic Lip Kits.


I really loved the lip looks on the front of the boxes, and I wanted to see if I could achieve similar results. So, I picked up the shades Venomous (a black lip base with an antique bronze lip shadow) and Untamed (a blue lip base with a champagne lip shadow).


Each Python Metallic Lip Kit costs $9.99. Maybelline is marketing them as an accessible form of lip artistry, and says that the pigmented base and prismatic shadows will create a python (read: chromatic and metallic) effect.

First, let’s take a look at Untamed, the black/bronze duo:




Maybelline claims that the lip bases are “super-saturated”, but they are patchy. The lip shadows are much better, and quite pretty. In the photo below, the top swatch is the base, and the bottom swatch is the shadow.


The instructions recommended applying the lip base and the shadow with your finger. I attempted to use a lip brush, but it was a streaky mess with almost no pigment. I was able to pack on a lot more color with my finger, but it made the application pretty messy. It took a while to build up the base to full opacity. I then used my finger to pat the lip shadow all over the base. It had a pretty metallic effect, and it really did remind of of snake skin! However, it didn’t look as stunning as the picture on the front of the box; the colors were more subdued.


Next, I tried Venomous, the blue/champagne duo.



The blue lip base was a lot lighter than I expected! It looks dark blue on the front of the box and in the pan, so I assumed it would be navy. It was actually cerulean, which is my favorite shade of blue. The champagne lip shadow was also very pretty and had a creamy texture.


It was just as hard to build up opacity with this lip base. I patted the shadow, and mostly concentrated on the center of my bottom lip. I think this is absolutely beautiful! However, it really looks nothing like the lips on the front of the box. This ended up looking like a medium blue lip with light blue reflect – whereas the box showed dark blue lips with a gold reflect.


Okay, so what are my thoughts on the Maybelline Python Metallic Lip Kits? Well, I really do like the looks they created, but I think the lip base formulas suck. They are NOT “super-saturated”, and they just don’t work with a lip brush. The shadows are pretty good quality, but that means that only 50% of the duo does its job. Honestly, I think you would be better off just packing a shimmer eyeshadow over a dark creamy lipstick. I spent $20 on these two lip kits… You could spend $20 on a nice shimmer palette, and mix them with your lipsticks for endless combinations. I hope you found this review useful!


9 thoughts on “Maybelline Lip Studio Python Metallic Lip Kits [Swatches + Review]

  1. xoxocb2 says:

    Those colors are very interesting! I don’t think I could spend that much on a lip kit. I barley wear any makeup though so it definitely wouldn’t be worth it for me. Thanks for the review!


  2. Wink Fantastico says:

    Thank you so much for your review. I had the Venomous duo in my hand for far too long at Ulta last night before finally putting it back on the shelf and thinking, “let me find a real-world review first.” Boom, you nailed it! I wondered specifically about application, it didn’t even occur to me how off the colors might be. Thanks again for saving me $10!


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