Methode Brigitte Kettner Clarifying Brush & Aqua Pure Line Review

Hello friends! I have a confession: I suck at washing my face. I’m impatient,  so I tend to zoom right through it. And if I go over my face with a makeup wipe afterwards, there are still traces of foundation and mascara on it! So, when a representative from Methode Brigitte Kettner reached out to me and asked me to try out their Facial Cleansing Clarifying Brush, I was ecstatic! This is exactly what I need; a tool that does the washing for me, and gets every last bit of gunk off my skin. 


Methode Brigitte Kettner (or MBK) is a skincare brand run by Ms. Kettner, a German biologist and skincare specialist. Kettner’s goal was to address every skincare problem effectively through her own line of products, and the results speak for themselves: her brand is renowned worldwide, and she successfully sells a full range of naturally derived skincare products and devices.

The skin concerns that MBK products treat are hydration, hypersensitvity, oily and acneic skin, inflammations, anti-aging, age reversal, and anti-pigmentation. Ever since moving to a cold climate, my skin has been a little dehydrated. I requested to review the Aqua Pure line along with the Clarifying Brush. The Aqua Pure line is based on a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and Aquaxyl – which boosts skin’s water reserves.

I received a Clarifying Brush, Foamy Cleansing Cream, Aqua Pure Lotion, and Aqua Pure Cream from MBK.


All right, first I want to take a look at the Clarifying Brush. Here is Methode Brigitte Kettner’s description of the product:

The first step in daily facial cleansing! The basis for healthy and beautiful skin is daily cleansing, along with high-quality skincare products. Clarifying Facial Cleansing Brush is the first step in daily facial care. At the spa. At home. PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. GUARANTEED. This brush has been tested and proven to reduce pore size by up to 75% (Sonic brushes can actually INCREASE pore size!)


The Clarifying Brush costs $129, which is about mid-range for cleansing brush prices. In comparison, a Proactive Deep Cleansing Brush is $55, and a Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleansing Brush is $169.


Inside the box, I received the brush, a charger stand and cord, two brush heads, and two storage cases for the heads.


First, I want to take a look at the Clarifying Brush itself. It is sturdy and sleek-looking, and has two buttons on the front. The top button changes the rotational mode. The first mode is unidirectional rotation (it just rotates in a circular motion), and the second mode is a swinging motion. The bottom button turns it on and off, and also controls the speed. Press it once to turn on the brush, and again to make the speed slower or faster. If you hold down the button for a couple seconds, it turns back off.


What I really love about this brush is that it has a built in timer, with three thirty second auto-cycles! For the first 30 seconds, you are supposed to use it on your T-zone. After one pause, you move to one cheek and side of your chin. After another pause, you move to the other cheek and side of your chin.

The front of the brush also has two LED lights. When the brush is turned on, they will light up either orange or green. Two green lights means the brush is high on battery. One green and one orange is a medium battery level, and two orange lights is low battery.



When the brush runs low on battery, you just need to put it on its charger stand. You won’t need to do this too often; you can use the brush up to 100 times before needing to recharge. Also, the brush’s total battery life will last five years, if you use it twice a day. That is over 3600 uses!!


The Clarifying Brush also came with two brush heads: the white head is for sensitive skin, and the head with the grey ring is standard. I have been using the sensitive brush head over the past couple weeks.





The final item included in the Clarifying Brush box was an instruction manual. It explains how to use the brush, and also gives a diagram showing the sections of the face that correspond with each auto-cycle.



The Clarifying Brush can be used with any non-abrasive cleanser, but it will work very well with Methode Brigitte Kettner’s Foamy Cleansing Cream. Here is MBK’s description of the cleanser:

The foaming cleansing cream removes make-up and eliminates impurities. The result is a perfectly clean face that is soft, radiant and refreshed.

Best suited for all skin types.

The Foamy Cleansing Cream comes in a 5.07 fl oz bottle, and costs $36. It contains Coco-Glucoside (a foaming agent), Panthenol (a moisturizer), and Jojoba Oil (an anti-inflammatory agent).


It comes out as a thick white cream, but turns into a light foam on your face.


I have been loving using this with the Clarifying Brush! My skin feels incredibly smooth and soft afterwards.


Overall, I really love the Clarifying Brush. It works a million times better than washing my face with my hands, and I am already seeing pore reduction. My skin feels smooth afterwards due to the moisturizer in the cleanser. The only issue I have is that several hours after using the brush, my skin has small flakes on my forehead. However, once I started using a moisturizer right after cleansing my face with the brush, I stopped getting them.


Now let’s take a look at the items from the Aqua Pure line!

I received an Aqua Pure Lotion, which is a moisturizing and nourishing toner. This is a 6.76 fl oz bottle, and it costs $64. Here is MBK’s description of the product:

This refreshing aqua pure lotion toner with Pentavitin, Allantioin and Bisabolol nourishes and soothes the skin, while moisture reserves are created and stored within the skin. After toning, the skin feels refreshed and balanced and can easily absorb serums and creams.

I will confess that I haven’t used toner in a while. My favorite tea tree toner from Lush had expired, and I just didn’t buy any replacement toner afterwards. Toner is an astringent useful for people who either have oily skin or are acne-prone. It also works to remove any traces of heavy makeup after cleansing your skin – which is why I really need to use it! Light makeup isn’t really my thing. 😉 It also removes traces of dust and pollution that linger after using a cleanser.

I use this by putting a little bit on a cotton round, and then swiping up gently on my face. It doesn’t really pick up any makeup because the Clarifying Brush gets it all, but I have been using it as a preventative measure for acne.


The final item I received was Aqua Pure Cream, which is a moisturizer. This comes in a 1.69 fl oz tub, and costs $76.

The aqua pure cream has a pleasant, light texture and will support the moisture balance of the skin by creating and storing water-binding reserves.

Best suited for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin.

The Aqua Pure Cream contains avocado oil to moisturize, act as a natural sunblock, and provide antioxidants to the skin. It also contains cactus extract to protect against cellular damage and prevent premature aging.


I have been using this as a moisturizer after using the Clarifying Brush, which gets rid of those skin flakes I was talking about earlier. This is not a lightweight moisturizer, so I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have very oily skin. However, this is perfect for dehydrated winter skin!


I am beyond impressed with the Methode Brigitte Kettner skincare products. Yes, they are expensive. However, you definitely get what you pay for. My skin feels amazing, and my improved face cleansing method has been reducing my breakouts. Here are closeups of my skin, free of any makeup:

File_001 (2).png

File_001 (3).png

If you have any questions about the Methode Brigitte Kettner products, please let me know!! I hope you found this review useful!




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