Day to Night Eyeshadow feat. Florentine Sunset Palette

In today’s eyeshadow tutorial, I will show you how to change from a day look to a night look. I used to believe there was no such thing as “day time” or “night time makeup”.  If I wanted to wear a smokey eye or blue lipstick during the day, I did it! However, with my current job, I have to wear “work appropriate” makeup. I still love wearing heavy makeup after work, but nobody wants to wash off their makeup just so they can put on some more. So, today we will change our eyeshadow from day to night, without having to remove it! I will be using EVE by Eve’s Florentine Sunset Palette and Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner to create my day-to-night look. I love the neutral shades of this palette, and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.


There are 10 total shades in the palette; 3 mattes, 5 shimmers, one glitter, and one satin finish.


The first pan contains two bases, the second pan contains two highlight shades, the third and fourth pan contain shimmer shades for the lid, and the fifth pan contains two shadows for the outer corner of the eye.


There is a sticker on the bottom of the palette that maps out the shades. For the purpose of this eyeshadow tutorial, I will refer to shades as “top shade in pan 1”, “bottom shade in pan 3”, etc.


Below are the swatches for each pan:

Pan 1 – top, bottom, and combined: 


Pan 2: 


Pan 3: 


Pan 4: 


Pan 5: 


If you’re going to be wearing eyeshadow all day and night, you need to have a great foundation for it. Use a little bit of eyeshadow primer on your lid, or a light layer of concealer, and set it with a flesh toned shadow. I used the top shade in pan 1, a base, to set my primer. Medium skin tones could use the bottom shade in pan 1, and deeper skin tones could use the top shade in pan 5.


After your lids are prepped, sweep a warm brown shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone all over your lid. I used the bottom shade in pan 1 for this.


Use either your finger or a shading brush to apply a light, warm shimmer shade. I mixed together the top and bottom shades in pan 3.


The resulting look is very subtle, but perfect for work! I paired it with one layer of mascara, and a pink glossy lip. This light eye makeup will make you look fresh-faced and awake!


All right, so now it’s 5:00 and you want a night-time eye look before you go out for dinner. This is super easy!

First, you want to give some more dimension to your eyes. I used the bottom shade of pan 4, and blended it in and slightly above my crease. At night, I like to have a winged eyeshadow effect, by bringing the top of the shadow further out towards my brows. This works really well with my eye shape, but you can always pull it in further.


Blend a dark shade into your outer corner, and smoke it out under your lower lash line. I used the bottom shade of pan 5 for this.



Finally, place a shimmer shade of your choice in the center of your lid, and a light highlighting shade in your inner corner. I used the top shade of pan 4 on my lid, and the top shade of pan 2 in my inner corner. Make sure to blend them together, so there isn’t a harsh line between the colors.


Finally, put on a little eyeliner in the shape of your choice. My eyes are pretty hooded, so I don’t like to do a cat liner. Instead, I opted for a very thin line that doesn’t eclipse my lids. I love using the Eve by Eve’s Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner, because its felt tip makes it really easy to get a precise line in the thickness you want!


Here is my finished makeup look! I switched my lipstick from a glossy pink to a semi-matte coco rose.


I hope you found this day-to-night eyeshadow tutorial useful! Which do you like more, day looks or night looks?

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