The Subscription Box for Periods [PMS Package Review]

Hello friends! Last month, I tried out The PMS Package for the first time. Click here to check it out. This month, I’m back again to review their December box! Last month I was very impressed by the comforts they included to make your bloody, crampy time of month a little more tolerable. I can’t wait to see what they included this month. 

Disclaimer: This was provided free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. 

The PMS Package currently has two payment options:

  • Standard: At least 7 craving, comfort, and feminine care products ($29.99/month)
  • Premium: 8-11 products; value is $20 higher than standard box ($34.99/month)

In the month of December, you can use the code STRESSFREE  for up to 35% off of a box. 

One really awesome thing about The PMS Package is that you can choose what date you would like your box to arrive. If you keep track of your period, you can have it delivered to your house the day before it is supposed to start. Just try not to eat all the chocolate in one day, like I did. 😉

I am reviewing the Premium box today. It arrived in a large red package, which said “Prepared. Pampered. Pretty. Period.” On another side of the box, it had “@thepmspackage” in small font. These are the only two indicators on the box of what the contents might be. It’s nothing too embarrassing, and unless your postcarrier is examining the box they probably will not know what is inside.


They managed to fit 11 products inside of this box. This is why I love subscription boxes; when you open them, it feels like Christmas! Look at how many goodies are inside:


There was a pretty nice assortment of products; a candle, an eye mask, chocolate, a scarf, and more!


The most useful item I received in the box was a pack of 10 Super Tampax tampons, which is worth $5.49. I was so happy when I saw this! This is actually the exact kind that I use, and I will be keeping a few in my purse.


I also received a pack of 16 U by Kotex long panty liners. Again, this matches perfectly with my preferences. Last month the panty liners they sent were a little small, but these long ones are just what I like. They also sent me two packets of Advil, which are also going in my purse. The panty liners are worth $2.84, and the Advil is worth about 44 cents.


Okay, next let’s take a look at my favorite part of the box: the snacks! Everything they sent out this month was SUPER chocolaty, which is my ultimate weakness. I told myself I would make these yummy snacks last a few days, but I ended up eating them all over the course of one day.

One snack I received was a Janice & Melanie Brownie Cookie. A pack of 8 cookies costs $5.80, so this is worth 72 cents. The cookie was so soft and chewy, and tasted like rich chocolate. Definitely a comforting snack!



The next snack I received was a Chocmeister Pretzel Snack Pack, which is worth $2.00. There were two compartments inside; one held pretzels, and the other held a chocolate hazelnut spread quite similar to Nutella. I have been known to just eat spoonfuls of Nutella, so of course I loved this treat!



The next snack I received was a Sanders Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Snack Bar. I don’t really like potato chips, so I didn’t think I would enjoy this snack. However, the pieces of chips were quite small, and just added a salty, slightly crunchy element to the chocolate. I actually really liked it!  I can’t find a price for this online, but similar products cost around $2.



The last snack I received was a Long Grove Confectionery Co. S’More Bar. I could not find a price for this, as I did not have access to wholesale prices on the Long Grove website. However, based on the cost of their other products I would estimate it to be worth $9. This was the best snack in the entire box! The marshmallow inside was so gooey, and the whole bar was just incredibly indulgent. This is an artisan product, and the quality really shows!



Next, I received lavender essential oil in a tube with a roller ball top. Normally essential oil should not be applied to your skin. However, this also contains sunflower oil, which is a carrier oil. That means it dilutes the essential oil, and makes it safe to wear on your skin. This smells beautiful and relaxing, and I’ve been putting a little on my skin and in my hair before bed. I could not find this product online, but I would estimate it to be worth $8 based on similar products from other brands.


I also received a set of Cala Product Cooling Cucumber Eye Padscucumber, which are meant to soothe and depuff under your eyes. These contained real cucumber juice, and they smelled so good! Cucumber is one of my favorite smells; it is just so fresh. These felt great on my eyes, and I had the added bonus of conditioned lashes. The eye pads are worth $2.


I was happy to see that I received a candle in this box! They sent one out on the last box as well, which I absolutely loved. I didn’t really like this month’s scent though. It had some floral notes, and I am really not a floral person. You can find this candle at Walmart for $1.


The final item I received was a funky patterned infinity scarf. I am not sure how much this is worth, but I have seen similar ones at the Dollar Tree for $2. I usually like infinity scarves, but I the texture and pattern of this one just weren’t doing it for me. It also smelled like rubber, and seemed pretty cheap. This is the only item in the box that I think was a real dud.



I have mixed feelings about this month’s PMS Package. The premium box cost $34.99, and was worth approximately $35. So, you do get your money’s worth. However, I feel like it was filled with lots of cheap items. The snacks were delicious, and the tampons were useful, but I would have also liked to have some more luxurious items in there. I received the box for free, but I don’t think I could have justified spending $34.99 on this month’s box. This would have been a better box if it had contained less items, but higher quality products. For example, a set of bath bombs or a face scrub! Nevertheless, I still greatly enjoyed trying out all of the products and had fun making this post. Let me know what you think of The PMS Package! And don’t forget to use STRESSFREE for up to 35% off your first box! (not an affiliate code)

4 thoughts on “The Subscription Box for Periods [PMS Package Review]

  1. artpopbeauty says:

    I didn’t know PMS boxes that had more than just period products were a thing! I hope they send you another box because I want to see if they do usually send out better items~


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