Medusa’s Makeup Review [November 2017]

Hello friends! Sadly, this will be my last Medusa’s Makeup review for a while. I needed to adjust my budget, and my subscription boxes were some of the things I had to cut out of my monthly expenses. I’m hoping in a few months I’ll be able to sign up again, because this was one of my favorite subscription boxes I’ve ever tried! Medusa’s Makeup sells bold, colorful makeup that is vegan and cruelty free. Their subscription box sends out 3-5 full sized products each month for $15.95.  I was subscribed for about 6 months, and loved most of what was sent to me. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what was inside my last box!


This month, I received a blush, an eye dust, a glitter adhesive, and a face mask. The face mask is actually from a different brand called SpaLife. The overall value of this box is $34.50.

First, let’s take a look at the blush! I received a loose mineral blush, in the shade Sex on the Peach. This blush is 1.5 grams, and costs $12. It is peachy and shimmery, with pink undertones. It is a bold, almost electric color, which is what Medusa’s Makeup is known for. However, it is easy to blend out to make it more wearable. I prefer to have very light blush, and a bold eyeshadow look. I was still able to accomplish that with this bright blush.


Here it is, swatched on my forearm:


I am surprised that I like this blush so much! I usually don’t like shimmery blushes, but I just think this is gorgeous.

Next, I received The Fix Glitter Adhesive, which costs $9.00. This is actually a very useful product! Almost every month, I receive some sort of cosmetic glitter from Medusa’s Makeup. I was previously using a glitter eyeshadow primer for e.l.f, but it really didn’t work that well and the squeeze bottle always made a mess. Medusa’s Makeup The Fix Glitter Adhesive is made from all-natural wax, and works so much better.


In the photo below, I spread a little bit of the glitter adhesive on my hand, and then brushed over it with Medusa’s Makeup Key Lime Pie cosmetic glitter. It stuck on so easily, and didn’t budge even if I spastically shook my hand. I’m pumped to have gotten so a practical product in this box, because I know I will get so much use out of it!


The third item I received was a Karma Chameleon Eye Dust, which retails for $10. Usually their eye dusts are shimmery and can be applied to the eye bare. This one, however, is glittery and works best with… yep, you guessed it, The Fix Glitter Adhesive! Karma Chameleon is a tricky shade to pinpoint. Depending on the lighting, it appears to be pink, red, or blue! And occasionally I will catch a glimpse of it and swear it looks green.


When swatched on my arm below, it just looks like a plain pink glitter.


But it totally transforms when the light hits it differently! It looks so gorgeous and glossy on my lid. This is such a complex shade, and I am loving it!


The final item I received was the SpaLife Energizing Natural Extract Grapefruit Facial Mask. This retails for $3.50.


I do like a good face mask, so I was excited to try this out. However, I noticed after a few minutes of having it on that my face was burning and itching. I took it off and rinsed my face, and thankfully there haven’t been any side effects. However, I looked up Spalife’s masks online afterwards, and there are numerous complaints from other people who experienced burning. One person even had chemical burns on their face the next day! From what I read, it seems like Spalife’s masks are hit or miss. Unfortunately, I got one that reacted poorly with my skin.


As always, I created a makeup look today using the products from my Medusa’s Makeup box! Below, I am wearing Karma Chameleon over The Glitter Fix Adhesive. A little bit of Sex on the Peach is on my cheeks, but I have blended it out until it was just a very subtle hint of color.


Just look at Karma Chameleon on my eyes in the next picture! It was by far my favorite product in this box.


Okay, here are my thoughts on November’s box.  I wish there had been a fourth item from Medusa’s Makeup, and that the face mask had been included as a bonus or opt-in item. Every month the value of the box has been $41, but this month it was reduced to $34.50. That is still almost double the value of what I paid for the box, but I still would have rather had another Medusa’s Makeup product. Spalife is a brand that I am not familiar with, and I did not sign up to receive their products. And, because of the burning that I and other users have experienced, I just don’t think it was a good product. However, I do love the eye dust, glitter adhesive, and blush that was included in the package. If I did not have to cancel my subscription for monetary reasons, I definitely would have continued receiving my monthly box from Medusa’s Makeup. I stand by their bold vegan products, and use their makeup in nearly every look I create. I hope you found this review useful!



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