5 Stocking Stuffers for Makeup Lovers

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this post for blog.evestempation.com. The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us are starting to think about what to get our friends and loved ones. Chances are, we have some awesome presents planned out, but have you given any thought to stocking stuffers? Sometimes, it’s the small things that count! Keep reading, and I’ll show you 5 practical stocking stuffers for makeup lovers.

1. Makeup Removing Wipes/Oil

This is something makeup lovers can never have enough of! It’s so frustrating when you are ready to take off your makeup at the end of a long day, and you have no wipes left. This is the perfect practical gift for anyone who wears makeup, whether they prefer to keep it natural looking or go full glam. You can pick up a pack of wipes from the drugstore for fairly cheap. If you are looking for a more luxurious makeup removing option, you should check out this Lavender Cleansing Oil from Eve by Eve’s. It is in oil form, rather than wipes. The oil will remove even the most stubborn makeup in less than 30 seconds. It is gentle, and contains natural ingredients such as lavender oil, yuzu, Japanese apricot, and Yoshino cherry leaf extracts. The Lavender Cleansing Oil will clear your face of all traces of makeup, but it won’t strip your face of your natural moisture and oils.  


2. Headbands

Pretty much anybody who wears makeup hates when foundation and powder ends up in their hair. I, for one, am notorious for ending up with streaks of makeup in my hairline. One way I’ve managed to keep that from happening recently is by pushing my hair back with a headband before doing my makeup. If a little foundation gets on it, I can just wash it out. If you choose a patterned design, any stains from makeup won’t be too noticeable.

3. Makeup Sponge

Did you know you are supposed to replace makeup sponges every 2 – 3 months? Many of us makeup lovers are guilty of using sponges way longer than that, to save money. After all, they are expensive! But using them for extended periods of time can cause acne, irritation, and sometimes infections. So, save them the trouble and stick a makeup sponge in their stocking. This Perfect Blend Makeup Blender in a Classic Dew Drop Shape from Eve by Eve’s is comparable in quality to the most popular brand of makeup sponge, but it is more affordable. There are also other shape options, such as The Pear Cut, Marshmallow, and Triple Cut Droplet.


4. Makeup Bag

You can find makeup bags in pretty much any size and pattern! There are hundreds of awesome designs out there, so you can really find the perfect one that fits your friend’s or loved one’s personality. Like, I am obsessed with pizza. So I googled “pizza makeup bag” and there are dozens of shopping results! You can never have too many makeup bags; they help you organize your products, and are also great for travel.

5. Eyebrow Definer

I asked a bunch of fellow beauty bloggers what pulls their look together, and 99% of them said brows. The same goes for me; my face feels naked if I haven’t done my brows. Sometimes, they will be the only part of my face I put makeup on at all! If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for somebody who always has great brows, definitely check out Eve by Eve’s Brow Definer. They currently have three shades: Brown, Ash Brown, and Dark Brown. The brow definer provides you with pomade in an accessible pencil form, and a spoolie to tame and groom your hairs. The formula contains rosehip oil, macadamia seed oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and Vitamin E; all of which will condition your brows. The formula is also smudge free!


All of these products are incredibly useful, and any makeup lover would love to have them in their stocking. I know I sure would! If you are interested in any of the Eve by Eve’s products, you can shop online, or visit their locations in Beverly Hills or their new location in Westfield Santa Anita. Have a happy holiday, everybody.


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