Rouge Bunny Rouge: Where Whimsy and Luxury Meet

Hello friends! Today I am partnering with Rouge Bunny Rouge, a luxury brand which specializes in makeup with a whimsical, magical quality. I was browsing their website, and came across this quote on their About Page:

Our world of the Enchanted Garden with the product stories blurring the line between reality and imagination appeals to everyone who appreciates moments of whimsy, mystery and fantasy in life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian Englandโ€™s contradictory way of life, we celebrate emotional, rebellious, individual and intellectual beauty.

When I read that, I knew right away that this brand was right up my alley. In fact, their website and ways of describing their products reminds me of one of my favorite brands of all time: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. BPAL sells perfume oils rather than makeup, but it has the same magical feel.

So, since I have branded myself as “The Whimsical Chick”, I reached out to this whimsical brand. And, they kindly sent over four of their products for me to test and review! Even though I did receive these for free, my opinions are unbiased.ย 

The products I received are their Imperceptible Powder, Bronzing Glow Powder, Glassy Gloss, and Original Skin Blush.


First, let’s take a look at “Evanescence”, their Imperceptible Powder. This powder is supposed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, and it is nearly undetectable on the skin. This powder contains ingredients that are wonderful for your skin, such as Rose Hip Oil and D’Orientine S. The pan contains 10.5g of product, and it retails for $48.


The powder comes packaged in a sleek black compact, along with an applicator pad.


When I saw the powder, I thought for sure it would be too dark for me. However, it applies lighter than it appears in the pan. The powder has a smooth, silky feel and it melds with my makeup perfectly. There was no cakiness, and it kept my oil in check for the entire day.


I received the shade Eidola, which is a medium coverage chestnut beige. This is one of the highest quality powders I have ever used, but I do have an issue with it. Rouge Bunny Rouge offers four shades of powders, and the shade I received was the darkest they carry. I am quite fair, and the powder was still a good match. These powders on anyone with deep complexions may end up looking ashy. I wish there was a larger shade range, for inclusivity.

Next, let’s look at “As If It Were Summer Still…”, which is their bronzing glow powder. They only carry one shade, Goldcombe Bay. This appears similar to the Imperceptible Powder, except it is deeper and has very fine gold shimmer. It is quite luminous, and blends like a dream. This pan also contains 10.5g of product, and retails for $48.


Below, I have swatched the bronzer and the face powder on my forearm. This bronzer would not be good for people with deep skin. This is the only shade they carry, and obviously bronzer lighter than your skin tone will not do its job.


In the photo below, I am wearing the Imperceptible Powder and the Bronzing Glow Powder over a thin layer of liquid foundation.


All right, let’s take a look at the product I enjoyed most: “For Love of Roses”, which is their Original Skin Blush. I received the shade Orpheline, which is a warm strawberry color. It is so bright and beautiful! I do prefer my blush to be more subtle though, so I was happy to see that it blends out quite easily.


Look at how gorgeous it is in this swatch! What an incredible color. Plus, the blush contains awesome ingredients such as Indian Gooseberry Extract and sheer pearls. This pan contains 5.5 g of product, and retails for $35.


When I first applied, it was quite bright on my cheekbones. But after a few seconds of blending, I tamed it down to a subtle flush. If you like a more intense blush, you can wear it more amped up than what is pictured below.


The last item I received was “Sweet Excesses” Glassy Gloss in the shade Fleur Parfait. This is a mauve pink shade, with silver highlights. The tube is quite large, and holds .34 fl oz of product. It retails for $29. I quite like the packaging; the frosted glass and weightiness of the bottle feels very luxurious.


When swatched, it looks like a full coverage liquid lipstick, but it applies to the lips as a semi-opaque gloss.


Here it is on my lips. It has such a glossy shine! This is one of my favorite lip glosses; it feels thick and lush, but not sticky at all. Plus, it lasts for hours without needing to be retouched. Love it!


I incorporated all of the makeup products into today’s look:



Overall, I really like these products. They work wonderfully on my skin, and flatter my complexion. They are definitely expensive, but it is a luxury brand. You are paying for high quality ingredients and stellar performance. Additionally, their products are cruelty free! The only issue I have, as I mentioned earlier, is that they do not have a very inclusive range of shades. If you are fair to medium, you will probably love this makeup. If you have deeper skin, you may have trouble with the face powder and bronzer.

I linked all of the products throughout the post, but here are the links one more time!

Imperceptible Powder

Bronzing Glow Powder

Original Skin Blush

Glassy Gloss

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  2. thenafranssen says:

    Wow, I”ve never heard of of this brand, but it looks like it goes on really nice and smooth, and has a nice color tone to it as well!


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