I Created A Custom Lipstick, And I’m Obsessed

Hello friends! I am currently out on my balcony, pretending that I’m enjoying nice fall weather instead of 85 degree Florida sunshine. Seriously, it’s November. If it doesn’t cool down soon, I’m going on strike.

That had nothing to do with today’s post, but I just needed to get that out of my system. I feel much better now. πŸ˜› Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to try out some custom makeup. The problem was, companies that offer makeup that is both affordable and customizable seem to be few and far between. Which, I completely understand – it takes a lot more work to custom make orders instead of mass producing products. But I’m not about to part with my money that readily!Β Β 

I ended up visiting the Finding FerdinandΒ  website, and purchasing one of their mini custom lipsticks. These are pretty small – about the size of a sample lipstick bullet you would get in an Ipsy bag. But the great part was it was super affordable! $6.00 for the mini lipstick, and free shipping. A full sized custom lipstick was $30, and I decided that if I loved the mini lipstick that I would create a full sized custom.

While creating your lipstick, you can pick up to 4 out of 22 shades for your custom color. You can also adjust the ratio of each shade. For my blend, I chose a mixture of Creamy Mauve, Cranberry, Mauvelous, and Au Naturel.


As of right now, there aren’t any shades to create less traditional lipstick shades such as blue, green, or yellow.

After choosing your shades, you pick a finish. Your choices are creamy lip stick, matte lip stick, and sheer lip tint. I decided to go with matte. You can also name your color, and I decided to call mine “Umbridge” because it is the exact color of this outfit:

Image result for umbridge

I’m also on my 20th (no exaggeration) re-read of Harry Potter, so that might have also influenced my name. πŸ˜‰

It took 8 days for my lipstick to arrive, which isn’t bad considering my order was custom made and the shipping was free. It came with a handwritten note, which was an awesome touch!


They also sent me a sheet of stickers, which are all super cute. I wish I had a bullet journal, because I think these would look awesome on some of the pages.


Now, on to the lipstick itself. The tube is about the size of my thumb, and it came in a clear plastic tube. It’s appearance is very sleek.


The Finding Ferdinand logo is embossed on the lipstick, which is another awesome touch. It did fade away after two applications, but it looked gorgeous when fresh.


The formula itself is super creamy, and not at all what I was expecting from a matte lipstick. It does still reflect light, so it isn’t a true matte. It reminds me more of the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX, except in stick form.


My shade turned out gorgeous! I am obsessed with this color and with the way it feels on my lips. I think it’s really flattering, and I will probably use up this mini tube quickly.


And, here it is worked into today’s makeup look:


Overall, I really do love this lipstick. I wish it was a bit more matte, but it is great quality. I think I’m going to create a full sized custom tube next! If you want to create a custom lipstick, definitely try out their $6 mini size, and see how you like it. πŸ™‚ I hope you found this review useful!


12 thoughts on “I Created A Custom Lipstick, And I’m Obsessed

  1. Gillie says:

    What a fun project. I would love to do something like this but I am terrible at choosing lipstick colors just by looking at the colors. You clearly do not have that problem because that color is gorgeous on you.


  2. multibendybeauty says:

    Love this, you created such a beautiful colour – and I love what you chose to call it! Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award in my most recent post (I’m unsure if you’ve already done it)! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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