3 Reasons to Steer Clear of Glambot

Makeup is an expensive hobby. Every month, I spend more money on makeup than I do on food, which is pretty darn hard to do. I’m always looking for ways to save money on the latest and greatest products, and I have been tempted to purchase secondhand makeup. While doing research, I came across Glambot, which is a site that lets you buy and sell used makeup. I dug a little deeper, and was pretty grossed out by this company. I wanted to share my findings with you, to help you make an informed decision about whether to buy from them!

1. Misleading Prices

A used Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in the shade “Desert” is selling on Glambot for $5.40. It says that the original price is $6.00, and that you are saving 60 cents. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Because, that same exact shade is actually selling on Colourpop for $5.00. Every single super shock shadow on Colourpop is $5.00, yet Glambot claims that they are $6.00. They want you to pay MORE for a used product. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt; perhaps Colourpop has recently lowered their prices? So, I looked back at an order I placed with Colourpop two years ago… it turns out that they have always been $5.00.

Not all of the products have a price discrepancy, but I have read a lot of complaints from people saying they paid more for their used products than the retail value of a new product. So, Glambot is definitely using some shady maneuvers to get you to shell out money.

2. Low Compensation

A common complaint about Glambot is that they will purchase your used makeup for a ridiculously low price, and then turn around a sell it for a jacked-up price. I understand that they have to make a profit… But, they will buy a new, full sized product for a dollar and then sell it for $30. You are better off just giving the makeup to a friend or selling it on Reddit’s Makeup Exchange board, where you can set your own price.

3. Sanitation Issues

Glambot claims that they utilize a combination of sanitization methods to make sure their makeup is 100% clean. I did some research to see if that was realistic, and found this quote from a professional dermatologist, Sejal Shah:  “The only way to thoroughly sterilize a product would be in an autoclave at very high temperatures, and this would likely discolor the makeup, alter its consistency, melt the containers or change other attributes of the makeup, so I question the sanitation methods used by the retailers of used makeup.” If you want to buy makeup from Glambot, you need to understand that you are risking an eye infection, rashes, or perhaps something worse. I took a look at Glambot’s Terms & Conditions page, and they state that you are choosing to expose yourself to health risks by purchasing secondhand makeup, and they are not liable for any illness or injury their makeup causes. They themselves are acknowledging the risk of second hand makeup, yet they guarantee that it is 100% clean. Ummm…. that doesn’t add up to me. 

Because of those 3 reasons, I will definitely be steering clear of Glambot. Don’t get me wrong, I know that many people buy makeup from them without repercussions. I personally would just rather spend a few extra dollars on a new product.

I hope you found this review useful! Let me know if you have bought makeup from Glambot before, and how your experience was.



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