My Go-To Product for Ten Second Brows

Hello friends! I will be the first to admit that my brow game is not strong. I don’t have the patience, or the skill to pull off Insta-brows. I don’t even pluck often! Seriously, I only pluck about twice a year.  So, it only makes sense that I prefer my brow makeup to be as low-maintenance as possible. I used to be a religious NYX pomade user, but I recently purchased a product that makes brows easier, faster, and less prone to smearing: the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara! 


I’ve noticed that I either love or hate Wet n Wild products; this one is definitely a love! At only $4.99, it comes in a sleek, decent-sized tube. Inside is a firm spoolie wand that easily disperses the product on your brows.

The Ultimate Brow mascara comes in three shades; “Nothing But Brunette”, “You Got Auberned”, and “Blonde Over Yonder”. I purchased the shade “Nothing But Brunette”. I will say that while this matches my hair perfectly, it is only a medium-brown. Unfortunately there are no dark brown or black shades.


What I really love about the Ultimate Brow Mascara is that I can do my brows in ten seconds flat. The spoolie coats the hairs evenly, and it is easy to wipe off the skin if you make a mistake. When I used a brow pomade, I would go over it again with a spoolie to make it look natural. With this, I can blend while I am applying!

The product locks the hairs in place, so you don’t need to worry about going over it with a brow gel. Basically, it eliminates the need for using multiple products while doing your brows. Also, the mascara doesn’t dry down stiff; in fact, it dries down to a powder finish. It also contains soy proteins and D-Panthenol to strengthen your brow hairs and keep them healthy!

Here is a picture of my bare brows:


And here are my brows after the Ultimate Brow Mascara:


And here is how the brows factor into a whole makeup look:


I think the mascara did a great job of giving my hairs a gentle tint, and it also filled in the bald patch in my right brow. I’ve been reaching for this every day for weeks, and I just can’t recommend it strongly enough. If you want brows that are quick, easy, and low maintenance, definitely check out the Ultimate Brow Mascara!


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