Medusa’s Makeup Subscription Box Review [September 2017]

Hello friends! It’s time for another review of the Medusa’s Makeup subscription box! I believe this is the 4th box I’ve purchased from them, and I’ve been loving it so far. They always send such a colorful array of products that really drive me to step out of my makeup comfort zone. This month, the color theme was hot pink and green, which reminded me quite a bit of watermelon. Let’s dive in!DSC_0504

Everything I received in the box is pictured above. They sent me one Totally Baked Eyeshadow, one cosmetic glitter, one lip paint, and a new product: Luminous Creme Highlighter. The overall value of the box is $41, whereas it only cost $15.95.


Let’s take a look at the Totally Baked Eyeshadow first. This is the third baked eyeshadow I’ve received, and I’m always so happy when they are in my box! This month, the shade is “Awesome”, which is an iridescent pinkish-purple. It isn’t as opaque as past shades I’ve gotten, but it is buildable. And, it blends like a dream! I was worried about the color, because I typically don’t wear pink eyeshadow. But, I think it looks quite beautiful and doesn’t make my eyes look sore.


Next, we have the cosmetic glitter in the shade “Key Lime Pie”. This glitter appears to be green, but looks more of an antique gold when the light hits it. I think it is absolutely gorgeous, and so far I have worn it on my eyes, lips, and hair part.

Here are “Awesome” and “Key Lime Pie” swatched on my forearm:


On to their new product, which I was most excited to try: the Star Bright Luminous Creme Hilighter. I expected it to be a very bold highlight, as most of the Medusa’s Makeup products are bold. However, this creates a very subtle effect. I do prefer a subtle highlight, but if you prefer something more stunning then this might not be for you.


One thing I don’t like about this highlight is how greasy it is. The greasiness gives it a glossy effect; however, it breaks up my foundation when worn atop, and it also feels like I’ve smeared a gluestick on my face. It never really dries down either.

Here is the highlight swatched on the back of my hand:


. Here it is over bare skin:


And, here it is over a layer of foundation:


Because it breaks up my foundation, I have been wearing it over bare skin. It gives me a healthy glow on days when I just don’t want to do my makeup!

Lastly, we have a lip paint in the shade Bang. Two boxes ago, I received a lip paint that I absolutely hated. It was patchy, sticky, and just looked bad. This paint… was the exact opposite! I love the shade, it’s completely opaque, and it looks amazing on my lips. I think that I really did just get a bad batch last time. This lip paint wears like a second skin, and it has amazing staying power. I find myself reaching towards it over and over again, because the color is just so flattering!

Here is a wrist swatch:


And here is a lip swatch:


I used all of these products in today’s makeup look. What I really love about Medusa’s Makeup is that it forces me to go out of my comfort zone. Pink eyeshadow with hot pink lipstick and green glitter? That’s a combo I never thought I would put on my face. But I did, and I love the way it looks! Makeup doesn’t have rules; wear what makes you feel confident and amazing.


Overall, I give this month’s box a rating of 4/5. The quality of the eyeshadow, glitter, and lip paint is stellar. I am on the fence about the highlighter, which is the only thing keeping the rating from being a 5/5. And I still can’t get over the fact that I can get 4 full sized vegan, cruelty free products for only $15 a month. Medusa’s Makeup, you’ve done it again. 🙂

Have you been loving any bold colors lately? Let me know in the comments!


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