Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection [Swatches + Review]

When I saw that Wet N Wild came out with a Midnight Mermaid collection, I knew I had to have it! Growing up, The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie. I remember my mom had banned me from watching it, because she thought I was being influenced by Ariel’s rebellious nature… so I would just watch it at my grandma’s house. To this day, I still sing “Part Of Your World” pretty much every time I shower. So, even though I never went for unicorn makeup, I was definitely ready to give mermaid makeup a try. 

I decided to go big or go home, and purchased the entire boxed collection for $34.99. It came with four metallic matte liquid lipsticks, four metallic liquid eyeshadows, three metallic liquid eyeliners, and one highlight brick. The colors are mostly dark purples, blues, and greens; I don’t usually reach for these colors, so I was really excited to step out of my comfort zone.


The first thing I was drawn towards was the gorgeous mermaid’s tail highlighter. This is a soft gold shade with flecks of pink glitter so teensy the camera couldn’t pick them up. It is a very large pan, and retails for $6.99.


Here is what it looked like applied on my cheekbones, over a thin layer of foundation.


I really enjoy this highlighter! Usually I stick with more of a silver or peachy highlight, but I think this is gorgeous. I normally don’t use highlighter that has glitter in it, but you really can’t see the glitter unless you are close up. This is quite sheer as well, which is how I prefer it to look. I tried building it up, but it ends up looking a little chunky and weird. So, if you want a blinding highlight, this probably isn’t the product for you. But if you like a more natural looking glow definitely check it out!

All right, next we have the metallic liquid eyeshadows, which retail for $4.99 each. I was quite excited to try these out, as I had seen many beauty gurus create awesome looks with them on Youtube.


Unfortunately, I found mine to be horrible. All of the shadows are simply a cheap looking, patchy black base, with some glitter thrown in. When the light hits it at a perfect angle, then it is stunning. However, we don’t walk around under a ring light or under perfect lighting conditions 24/7.

Here is the shadow under average indoor lighting. From top to bottom, the shades are Aquatic Prism, Lara’s Necklace, Moonlight Majesty, and Mysterious Nights.


And here it is, directly in front of a window, tilted at a 45 degree angle. This was the only way I could get it to look good.


Furthermore, the shadows were so hard to use! If you tried to blend them out at all using a finger or a brush, all of the glitter transferred off the lid. However, if you didn’t blend, you just had a big patch of gross looking black eyeshadow on your lid. Layering didn’t seem to help either. These were the worst liquid eyeshadows I have ever tried, and I don’t recommend them whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t like the eyeliner either. The shades were lovely, and they are quite cheap at only $3.99 each. The problem with these was the brush itself.


The brush was way too flexible, and there were loose strands everywhere. After using the eyeliners, the brushes now look even worse! It made it impossible to get a clean, crisp line.


As you can see below, the application was streaky and chunky. From top to bottom are the shades Sea Dreams, Sea Symmetry, and Trident’s Shimmer. I do like the shades, but I can’t even fit my trusty angled eyeliner brush into the top of these teensy little bottles. I may just end up donating these.


And lastly, we have the Megalast Liquid Catsuits, or, metallic matte lipsticks, which retail for $4.99 each.


The brush makes it a little hard to get a perfectly precise line without using lip liner. However, if you take a couple extra minutes during the application, you can definitely make it look good.


Below, we have the shades Coral Crown, Harbor a Crush, Sea Seduction, and Siren’s Jewel. Coral’s Crown, Harbor a Crush, and Siren’s Jewel are all amazing! They glide on smoothly, are totally opaque, and have a gorgeous metallic sheen. However, Sea Seduction is thicker and harder to apply, patchier, and is a lot less metallic. I was really looking forward to an awesome metallic blue lippie, and unfortunately it didn’t pan out that way.


And here they are, close up on my lips.

Coral Crown:


Harbor a Crush:


Sea Seduction:


Siren’s Jewel:


Overall, I really liked the highlighter and most of the liquid lipsticks, but I hated the eye shadows and the eyeliners. I do regret spending $35 on the collection, and don’t recommend purchasing the whole bundle. Yes, these products are very budget friendly. Each product retails for only a few dollars; however, I don’t think that I should view a product through rose colored glasses just because it is cheap. After all, money spent on a poor quality yet affordable product is still money wasted. I really hope you found my honest review useful! If there is something else you would like to see me review, please let me know in the comments. And if you have already tried out this collection, what was your experience?




7 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection [Swatches + Review]

  1. Shamim de Varax says:

    You’re so right about the liquid eyeshadows! I’ve also seen these looking great on YouTube but we don’t walk around with a ring light! Thanks for the swatches! Also those lipsticks look great on you, even the blue! It didn’t come across patchy


  2. Bernadette says:

    I was tempted to get this collection, as a fellow Little Mermaid lover!!!!!! It sucks that the shadows were so disappointing, though they do look amazing in the sunlight photo. The highlighter is pretty, but no unique, so overall I think this collection is a pass for me. 😦 I am content with my Sephora Little Mermaid palette from a couple years ago!


  3. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Such a shame some of the products didn’t work out for you! The idea behind them and the packaging is so cute! Loved the liquid lipsticks! x


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