Colourpop Rose Quartz Crushed Crystal Collection

Hello friends! I am soooo excited to have finally gotten my hands on the Colourpop Rose Quartz Crystal bundle! Their crystal collection came out several weeks ago, but the rose quartz bundle was sold out every single time I checked the site. So, when I saw it was in stock a few days ago, I snapped it right up! In the bundle, you get a lip balm, a primer spray, and a liquid highlighter for $18. Individually priced, the balm is $5, the highlighter is $9, and the spray is $6. Each product is infused with real rose quartz! They do have three other crystal bundles: aquamarine, aventurine, and amethyst. I just thought that rose quartz would look nicest on my skin, and I wasn’t sure about spending money on a blue or green highlight!

First of all, can we talk about how gorgeous this packaging is? These are going to be displayed on my desk with my nice makeup; there’s no way I’m risking letting these get stained and smudged in my cluttered makeup drawer.


The first product I want to talk about is the lip balm. It appears white, and goes on mostly sheer. However, when the light hits your lips right, it has a beautiful pink shift! The lipstick contains vitamin E for a moisturizing effect, and you can wear it alone or over a lipstick.


Here is the lip balm worn on my bare lips:


And here it is, worn over a matte liquid lipstick:


When worn over the matte lipstick, it gave it a glossy finish but didn’t really impact the color. I love the color of the lipstick when worn alone; however, you need to be sure to exfoliate your lips before using it. I didn’t, and it doesn’t look the best in the first picture.

Next, we have the crystal priming spray. This has apple extract for hydration, grapefruit extract (I’m imagine it’s used for it’s anti-aging benefits), and olive oil for a dewy finish.

DSC_0245The primer spray smells lovely, and I love the way my foundation looks over it. It takes a foundation that is normally a dry, cakey matte, and transforms it to a more natural finish. My only issue with this product is the nozzle; it sprays out a lot of product in a rather heavy mist. I won’t hold that against the product though!

The final product in the bundle is the crystal liquid highlighter. This bottle contains a lot of highlight, and a little bit goes a long way. You will definitely be getting your money’s worth out of this! The packaging says you can mix it in with your foundation for an illuminating glow, or you can apply it as a regular highlight. I already have oily skin, so I almost never  mix my highlight into my foundation; it just makes me look way to greasy. So, I’ll be testing this out by using it as a regular highlight.


Right away, I noticed that the nozzle pumps out way too much product. Below is what one pump looks like. I could probably do my highlight five times with that much product…


And, here is what it looks like blended in:


I applied this with my fingers over a very light layer of foundation. The highlight has a subtle, shimmery finish and I am obsessed with how it looks on my cheekbones! However, it has a very greasy feel, and I noticed it was separating after a couple hours. I am on the fence about this product; I did love it at first but now I’m not so sure.


Overall, I do like this collection. I am going to keep working with the highlighter to see if it will work better with different methods of application. The crystal balm is amazing, and so is the primer spray! I really hope you found this review useful. What is your favorite Colourpop product?

Also, here is my video review of the bundle! In it, I do a live try-on, and give my first impressions:



14 thoughts on “Colourpop Rose Quartz Crushed Crystal Collection

  1. Amy says:

    I was very curious about these when colourpop launched them, especially the highlighter. That is an awful lot of product to come out in one pump, but it is really pretty and soft as a highlight the way you applied it. I really liked the balm as you showed it as well.

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