Ipsy Glam Bag Review & Why I’m Unsubbing [August 2017]

Hello friends! Today, I am giving my last Ipsy subscription box review. I’ve been reviewing their bags for the last seven months, and have been subscribed to them for almost two years. However, this is the third bag in a row that has let me down, and I would rather try out a new box. Anyways, let’s get on to the review!DSC_0140

This month’s makeup bag is actually my favorite one! I love the pink to lavender ombre effect, and the cute gold tassel. Inside, I received a BB cream, an eyeliner pencil, a mascara, a blush, and a cleanser. Overall, a good range of products.

First, let’s look at the Silky Fit Concealer BB Cream by YADAH. I believe this is a full sized product, which retails for $18.50. It is a sheer coverage brightening concealer, which is supposed to be applied with the fingers over bare skin.


It is a good product in and of itself; however, I have skin prone to blackheads and cystic acne – sheer coverage is not an option for me. I don’t like BB creams, and I have filled out surveys on ipsy saying this.

Below is a picture of a sample of my skin. I have pretty large pores, blackheads, red spots, and the remains of a couple old cysts. This is actually a good skin day for me.


And here is a picture of my skin with the BB concealer. It fills in my pores nicely, but it clashes with the new skin growing in over my pimple. See how it is clinging to the skin by my nose, making it look crusty and flaky. This would probably be a good product for somebody who has relatively clear skin, but it just isn’t for me.


The next thing in my bag was the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. This is a travel size product, which retails for $12. I actually already have the full sized bottle of this, but I only use it occasionally because it seems to dry out my skin. I will probably give this cleanser away to a friend.


Next is the Makeup Forever Excessive Lash Arrestive Volume mascara. This is a sample size, worth around $8. The full size version is $25.00. This mascara is supposed to build intensity, while definining lashes. It has a tiny, skinny wand that is good for getting into corners. This is my favorite item from the bag, and I’ve been using it every single day! It does not add much volume to my lashes, but it lifts, lengthens, and keeps them separate. You have to try really hard to get clumps with this mascara. I just love it!


Before #1:


After #1


Before # 2


After #2:


The next item is a Stroke of Genius Kohl Eyeliner from Sugar Cosmetics, which retails for $14. This product kind of ticked me off; in my last Ipsy review, I talked about how Ipsy loves to send me stick eyeliner. I hate stick eyeliner, and have filled out so many reviews on Ipsy saying that. And, here is another one! This one has a very creamy, chunky tip and makes it hard to get a thin or precise line. I have hooded lids, and thick liner overwhelms my look.


And, lastly, I have the Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer in Flush, which retails for $17. This product actually confused me. The individual shades are so tiny; it is impossible to get your brush into just one. And when the shades are mixed, it turns a rose gold color – definitely not a shade that I would use as bronzer. However, it does make a pretty blush. I think this would have been a lot more functional if the two bronzer shades were next to each other, rather than diagonally placed.


From top to bottom, we have the top left shade, top right shade, bottom left shade, bottom right shade, and all shades mixed.


I used all of the makeup products from my bag in today’s makeup look. I really don’t like the way the eyeliner looks on my eyes, but I think the mascara looks great! And I managed to make the shimmer bronzer work by using it as a blush.


Overall, I thought the bag was a disappointment. Ipsy claims to be personalized, and sends you reminders to fill out surveys constantly. They are supposed to use this information to customize your next bag, so they don’t give you products that you don’t like or that don’t work with your skin. When I first started Ipsy, the personalization was amazing. But lately, it has been feeling more generic and less tailored. That’s okay; it’s only $10 a month, and I am sure it gets hard for them to personalize so many boxes as more and more people sign up. However, I would rather put my $10 a month towards a pricier but higher quality subscription box. I hope you all have enjoyed my Ipsy reviews!



9 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag Review & Why I’m Unsubbing [August 2017]

    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      It’s a shame; I really used to love Ipsy! I am thinking of signing up to Boxycharm next. It’s $21 a month, so a bit more expensive. But I’ve looked at their recent boxes, and they all seem amazing. I’ve also been thinking of trying the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, but I think that is geared more towards skin and hair care.

      Liked by 1 person

      • kristennevanss says:

        Yes! I’ve been thinking about signing up for Boxycharm as well! I think it’s totally worth the price, like all of the reviews I’ve seen have shown full-sized products each month.


  1. Andi says:

    I subscribed to Ipsy for a few months and seemed to get a lot of disappointments despite filling out surveys (and those surveys were never formatted correctly on my computer). I also felt like the service was really subpar. I’m now suscribed to Sephora Play, which has a bit less customization but seems way more professional with better quality products.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Andi says:

        I haven’t really noticed the small sizes, and I’d say they’re pretty comparable to the sizes that come in Birchboxes or the Sephora Favorites kits. I also like thinkibg of it in terms of how much product I’m getting for the $2.00 a sample, compared to thr full-size product or even the price of the same exact mini that you can buy in the checkout lane.


  2. beautyandmomlife says:

    I felt the same way about Ipsy, I subscribed for about a year and ended up with some duplicates and quite a few things I specifically filled out surveys saying I don’t use. I unsubscribed as well. I haven’t found a subscription I love yet although I did order Luxe Box so I will see how that goes when I get it this month


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