Medusa’s Makeup Subscription Box Review [July 2017]

Hello friends! Last month, I reviewed my first Medusa’s Makeup subscription box and fell in love with it. Today, I will be reviewing my second box, and hopefully it will be just as good! Today, we are looking at the July box. I know, I know; it’s the middle of August. This late review is partially because I received the box on the last day of July, and partially because I am a hardcore procrastinator. But, hey, at least I embrace my flaws! Anyways, let’s get started. 

This month had a pretty good variety of products. There was a brow product, a lip paint, cosmetic glitter, and an eyeliner brush. What I like about this subscription box is that you feel like you are getting a good bit of makeup. Whereas, with other subscriptions (such as Birchbox), you might end up with 2 skincare samples, one hair product, a makeup brush, and then just one makeup product. I am a makeup junkie, so I prefer to receive boxes that focus on, well, makeup!


These items also came in a hot pink tote bag, with the Medusa’s Makeup logo on the front. I am currently using it to hold all of the makeup that I need to review over the next few weeks. 😛

First, let’s take a look at Brow Wow Wow. This is a brow definer and highlighter kit, which retails for $12.


The defining powder looks very dark in the package. However, it is more of a medium brown shade. The powder isn’t super pigmented, which I think is a good thing. It is easy to go too heavy with the brows, and it’s a lot better if you just build up the pigment.

I was a little worried about the highlighter shade; it was quite chalky and flaky when I swatched it. However, it makes a beautiful champagne browbone highlight!


I have awful, patchy brows. I pull out my brow hair when I’m nervous, and it can be quite hard to fix with brow powder. However, I think this did a really good job of filling in the little bald spots! Also, I am not using the highlight side in the picture.


Next, we have the angled eyeliner brush, which retails for $8.


Currently, all of my eyeliner pots are dried out. However, I used this when applying the Brow Wow Wow, and I was very impressed! The fibers are super soft, and the tip is ultra precise. This has replaced my regular MAC angled brush.

All right, moving on to the Lip Paint in the shade Cowgirl, which retails for $12.

DSC_0085This is a camel colored nude lip, and I don’t think it suits my skin tone very well. It is also difficult to apply; it goes on pretty streaky, and is gooey and sticky. I let my lips dry for almost 10 minutes, and then pressed them lightly together. They stuck together like glue! And once I managed to peel them apart… well, it wasn’t pretty.

Here is the lip paint, freshly applied. If you look closely, you can see that it is still rather patchy.


And here it is, after I pressed my lips together. I know you really shouldn’t press your lips together while wearing liquid lipstick. But, the pressure was light and most people press their lips at some point during the day. I always press test my lipsticks, because I don’t want my lips to look like this in the middle of the day.


There aren’t many makeup products that I hate. However, this is one of the rare few that I absolutely do not like. The color is wrong on me, it’s streaky and patchy, and it is ridiculously sticky even after 10 minutes.

The last product is the cosmetic glitter in the shade “Mystique”, which retails for $8. I have been loving wearing glitter on my lips lately, so I tested this out over a blueberry lip. I am obsessed! It has the most gorgeous teal and green reflects, and it gives me an instant mermaid vibe.


Overall, I would give this box a rating of 3/5. It had a value of $40, and it only cost $15.99 – so the savings are a big plus. I really did love the glitter and the eyeshadow brush; however, the lip paint was a huge fail for me. I also liked the brow kit, but I haven’t found myself reaching for it after testing it out. I will keep my subscription, because I really loved last month’s box. I am hoping that next month’s box will be really good; if not, I may cancel. I hope you found this review useful!


6 thoughts on “Medusa’s Makeup Subscription Box Review [July 2017]

    • The Whimsical Chick says:

      That’s why I love doing subscription box reviews! I feel like not many people read mine, because of bigger blogs like My Subscription Addiction. But it’s still loads of fun. 🙂 And I had really high hopes for the lip paint! I am thinking of emailing the company and seeing if I got a bad batch. It literally felt like glue on my lips.

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