Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme [Review + Swatches]

Hello friends! In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I have been loving the Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cremes lately. I’ve been wearing them basically every day, and I decided to just go ahead an do an actual full length review. If you like the way these look, you should definitely go pick some up! They are pretty cheap at only $7.99 apiece at the drugstore, so they won’t break the bank. Before we go into the shades, let’s talk formula. While wet, the lipsticks are thick, creamy, and have a strong buttercream scent. They are easy to apply, and they don’t bleed. I don’t need even need to use a lip liner while applying. These are pretty transfer proof; I kissed the back of my hand pretty hard, and nothing came off. There will be slight wear after eating or drinking, but not as much as other liquid lipsticks. I love the formula of these lippies; the only thing that I think could be improved would be making them more moisturizing. These do tend to be a bit drying and are not the most comfortable to wear.

The three shades I ended up purchasing were Cinematic Kiss, Prismattic Touch, and Chromatic Addict. Cinematic Kiss appears fuschia in the bottle, but is actually a cool toned raspberry color. Prismattic Touch comes across as rose gold, and Chromatic Addict is a golden beige. DSC_0645.jpg

Here is how they look swatched on the hand. All three shades are very opaque. However, Cinematic Touch is not nearly as metallic as the other two shades. DSC_0718.png

All right, let’s start with my favorite shade: Prismattic Touch. It is a gorgeous rose gold color, very opaque, and the metallic intensity is insane. I would have easily thought this was a $20 liquid lipstick.. Not $7.99!




Next, we have Chromatic Addict. This shade is quite similar to my skin tone, so it can be tricky to wear it. When I first wore it, it made me look like I had no lips from a distance. In fact, I looked quite sickly and washed out! However, I learned that if I make my brows a couple shades darker than normal, it balances out my face a little. After figuring that out, this became one of my favorite lip colors! You just have to learn how to work it. I do think this would look phenomenal on someone with a deeper skin tone than me.




Finally, we have Cinematic Kiss. I’m not sure what happened with this shade, because it is not metallic at all. I actually thought I made a mistake when I purchased it, and looked online to check if it was actually a metallic shade. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but this is just a normal matte lipstick. Satin finish, at best. Even so, the color and feel is gorgeous, and I find myself reaching for this as often as the other shades.




Please excuse the makeup in the picture above; I had done it at 5:30 a.m., and it wasn’t looking its best. However, you can see that the lipstick definitely held up all day!

Overall, I really love these metallic lipsticks. I would stick with the lighter shades though, if you are really looking for that intense metallic look. From what I’ve seen in online swatches, a lot of the darker shades end up with a more satin finish similar to Cinematic Kiss. I hope you found this review helpful! Let me know what to review next. 🙂



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