Medusa’s Makeup Subscription Box Review

Hello friends! Today, I am reviewing the crazy colorful Medusa’s Makeup subscription box. I went a little out of my comfort zone purchasing this, because I usually stick to mostly neutral makeup. Sometimes I do a plum eye, but that’s pretty much as colorful as I go. And Medusa’s Makeup is the complete opposite of plain. For $15.99 a month, you can get 3-5 full sized cruelty free, vegan makeup products. I signed up for the subscription on a whim, after realizing that basically all of my makeup looked the same. And when it arrived, I was rather intimidated by the bright colors. It included a barbie pink lipstick and a shimmery blue eyeshadow – both of which I would have never imagined myself wearing. Let’s take a look at everything that came in the bag.


First, we have a semi-matte lipstick in the shade YOLO, which retails for $12. This is a beautiful creamy matte that doesn’t dry out my lips. This is quite opaque, but you can also build up the intensity.


This was what my lips looked like after one layer. As you can see, no patchiness whatsoever!


Next, we have the Shimmer Effect Eye Dust in the shade Jail Bait, which retails for $8.00 It goes on a little sheer, but I use it over primer and build it up. Below, I’ve swatched it over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. It is a beautiful cool toned pink that looks absolutely gorgeous when light hits it.


Here, we have the Lip/Cheek stain in the shade Raven, which retails for $8. This is probably my least favorite item in the box. It looks pretty when swatched, but when it makes no difference to my natural lip color. However, it is pretty moisturizing, so I will just use it as a balm.


DSC_0500Now, on to my favorite product in the box: the Totally Baked Eyeshadow in the shade Tubular, which retails for $9.00. On the website, Tubular looks like a green shade with hints of blue. In real life, it is the other way around. However, I actually prefer the way it looks in person! It is intensely pigmented, and gives me total mermaid vibes.


Here’s how it looks with flash:


Today’s makeup is actually centered around the Totally Baked eyeshadow! I very rarely try blue eyeshadow looks, because I feel like it makes me look clownish. Yet, I am in love with this shadow! I know my application isn’t ideal because I honestly am not that great at makeup. But I think it accentuates my eye color, rather than washing it out. Just look at how gorgeous it is!


Altogether, the total retail value of my box was $37, which means I saved a total of $21. I love most of what came in the subscription box, and I definitely plan on continuing my subscription. I hope you found this review useful!



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