NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter [Review + Swatches]

Hello friends! I have been branching out in the highlighter world as of late. I used to only stick to my trusty Colourpop Super Shock highlighter, but now I’m cheating on it with all sorts of brands. And, my latest side piece is the NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter

I was browsing the sale section on NYX, when I realized that these beauties were on sale for only $4.90. I also purchased during a free shipping promotion, so I spent less than $15 for 3 highlighters. That’s a crazy deal! They aren’t on sale anymore, but they are still super cheap at only $7 apiece.

Here are the shades I purchased. The top shade is Liquid Prism, which is an iridescent white opal. The middle shade is Crystal Glare, which is a white champagne pearl. And, the bottom shade is Moonbeam, which is a soft pink pearl. The NYX site claims that these highlighters are creamy yet lightweight, and offer “irresistible illumination with a shimmery finish”.


Here are the highlighter swatches. The first pic is taken with flash, and the second pic is taken without flash. Top to bottom: Liquid Prism, Crystal Glare, Moonbeam. As you can see, the Moonbeam swatch is patchy and not as pigmented or reflective as the other swatches. However, Liquid Prism and Crystal Glare swatch beautifully! The Liquid Prism surprised me the most, as it actually comes across as lavender on my skin. I think it’s quite beautiful.


Next, I applied the highlighters to my face. They go on very thin and liquidy; not what I was expecting from their claims of being creamy. However, the consistency seems to work in the product’s favor. I am a fan of natural looking highlights, and these melded with my skin to look like a natural sheen. And, they were quite easy to apply. I swiped the highlighter on with the wand, and then patted with my fingers to blend it in.

On my left cheekbone, I am wearing Moonbeam.


On my right cheekbone, I am wearing Crystal Glare.


I patted Liquid Prism on the tip of my nose, and on my bottom lip.


Out of the three, I think Crystal Glare is my favorite. Moonbeam ended up looking similar in tone to Crystal Glare on my skin, except it wasn’t as pigmented. Liquid Prism may be a little light for me, but I have been loving it on my inner corner, nose, and cupid’s bow! Also, these highlighters lasted several hours without needing to be touched up. Touching up is really easy, by the way. These can easily fit in your purse, and all you need to blend it in is your fingers. (If you aren’t picky about that sort of thing!)

This isn’t the best highlighter I’ve ever tried; I still prefer the Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks. However, it provides great value for a budget price. I’d give this a rating of 4/5. I hope you all found this review useful!



7 thoughts on “NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter [Review + Swatches]

  1. ashton mccouaig says:

    Love this post! I am obsessed with highlight, it’s probably my favourite beauty product! I will have to give these a try, I am like you and usually stick to my colourpop too! Great post, can’t wait to read more! I have a post that mentions a maybelline highlight that is amazing! Would be great if you could check it out! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diana Doig says:

    Have you pair them with a powder highlight on top? They look a bit sheer for me but maybe if i use them as base they will work. I just got 1 for $2 I’m target clearance I’m excited


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