Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit Review

Hello friends! I recieved a package in the mail yesterday from Influenster. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a company that sends you all sorts of products to try in exchange for your honest review! You don’t have to be a blogger; having a Facebook account, Instagram, or another kind of social media is all you need. Anyways, they asked me if I would be interested in reviewing the Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, and I definitely was. 

Before the package arrived, Influenster sent me a video with instructions on how to use the kit.

You are supposed to be able to put together a whole makeup look with just this kit. I’ll admit, it seemed a little intimidating. The model in the video seemed to have flawless skin before putting on makeup, and my skin is far from flawless. I have cystic acne, whiteheads, and discoloration on my face… which means I typically go heavy on my makeup.

One thing that intrigued me about this kit was that it claimed to be “skincare makeup”. Normally after wearing makeup a few days in a row, I like to give my skin a break. With this, it seems you could wear it every day without worrying about clogged pores or breakouts. And, since I have sensitive skin, this was very good news for me!

The kit came in an adorable little package, along with a couple stalks of lavender.


The kit contains two powder foundations with SPF 20, one blush, two eyeshadows, and a lip stain. It also comes with an eyeshadow brush and a foundation brush.


Here are the brushes that the kit came with. I used both of them while applying my makeup, and I am not a fan. I never use those types of eyeshadow brushes, because it absorbs so much shadow and makes it hard to blend. The powder foundation brush felt very scratchy on my skin, and smelled a little weird. I would definitely recommend using your own brushes.


Here is the lip stain that came in the kit. It goes on very sheer; I tried to swatch it, but you can barely see any pigmentation. However, it is quite smooth and feels great on your lips.


Let’s play a game of “Spot the Swatch!” 😛


I also swatched the foundations, blush, and eyeshadows. They were silky smooth, but not very pigmented.


Okay, here’s a big ol’ shot of my face with all the makeup on. And, not going to lie, I look crusty af. It’s a little embarrassing putting up this picture of myself. This is definitely a “no-makeup makeup” look, because it literally just looks like I have on lip gloss. My freckles, zits, and under-eye shadows are out on full display. This makeup might be great for my skin, but I just don’t like how it looks on me. If I had perfect skin, then this kit would accentuate that and make me look like I was blessed by the gods… But I look like I just rolled out of bed and snapped a picture. The only good thing is that the powder did seem to take care of a lot of my redness. I usually have a lot of discoloration around my nose and on my chin.



The eyeshadows were not very pigmented at all, but you could tell that by watching the tutorial video. If they don’t seem pigmented on an over-saturated promo video, of course they won’t seem pigmented in real life. I really liked the lip stain. It was extremely sheer, but it feels great on my lips and isn’t sticky.

Even though using the kit as a makeup look didn’t work for me, I might try to incorporate some of this into my normal makeup routine. For example, using the powder over a full-coverage foundation instead of on bare skin. And, I will actually do my mascara and brows. I realize I could have done my lashes, brows, contouring, and highlighting in addition to using this kit, and I would have looked a LOT better. However, I really wanted to test their claim of creating a look using just the kit.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! If you have great skin, you will probably love this kit. It’s great for your skin, and perfect for a no-makeup look. If you have a bit of trouble with your skin, this probably isn’t the kit for you.




2 thoughts on “Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit Review

  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    I love this post. Normally, when you see people paid for a review, they’re over dramatic on how good it is but you were really honest! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out back x


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