Holy Grail Hair Repair: Pantene Overnight Repair Serum

Three years ago, after a very bad breakup, I decided that the only way to truly move on was to dye my hair blonde. And, being an 18 year old nugget wise in the ways of the world, I knew that I could take matters into my own hands. Why go to a salon and spend loads of money, when I can just get a bleach kit and do it myself? Well, it turned out awful the first time… and instead of learning my lesson and getting it done professionally, I bought another kit. Yep. I’m still dealing with awful hair today, and it’s my own darn fault. 

Last summer, I even got fed up and chopped off most of my hair. It was down to my waist, and I got it cut to my shoulders. Low and behold, I STILL had damaged hair. I have gotten my hair dyed dark brown, and the dye wears off, and that stupid bleached blond shows through at the tips of my hair. Thankfully now, the damage is solely located at the last two inches of my hair, instead of from the roots down. I know I could get my hair chopped again to get rid of the last of the damage, but I just don’t want to. It took me so long to get my hair this length again, and I don’t want to wait another 6 months just to be back where I started. What’s a girl to do? Well, this is where Pantene’s Overnight Repair Serum comes into play. I usually stay away from Pantene products, mainly because I was annoyed to death by that Selena Gomez hair ad playing before EVERY youtube video I watch. There’s no way just shampoo makes your hair THAT freaking flawless. Every time I saw that video, it’s like a chunk of my soul died.

Image result for selena gomez pantene hair

Or maybe I was just jealous… 😛 Anyways, I finally caved and bought the repair serum online from Amazon for pretty cheap. $11 for a fairly large bottle of product. I was a pretty skeptical, because I have tried SO MANY hair masks and treatments that make my hair feel great for about 10 minutes… before resuming it’s (un)naturally crunchy state. But this.. THIS was a godsend.


You pump out a bit of product, and rub it into your hair before going to bed. I use two pumps, and mainly focus on the ends of my hair, because that’s where all the damage is. That’s all there is to it! No rinsing, which I love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put something in my hair and forgotten to rinse it out. (Now that I think about it, I’m just plain irresponsible with hair.)

After using this for just a week, I can tell there is a drastic difference in my ends. Before, I could pick up a big chunk of stuck-together hair that was the exact texture as straw. I used to amuse myself by peeling apart the crunchy hairs, and bemoaning what I’ve become. Now, if I pick up a lock of hair, the hair fall apart naturally instead of having to be pried apart! I finally have semi-normal tips! Granted, the damage is still there, but this is the BEST band-aid I’ve ever tried. It is so much easier to brush and style my hair, and I actually like the way it looks down. In a couple months, when my hair gets longer, I will probably end up cutting off the rest of the damage. This product will help me get to that point without going crazy. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! If you have damaged hair, I would definitely recommend using the Pantene Overnight Repair Serum! If you have any other hair remedies, please let me know in the comments.

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