e.l.f Molten Liquid Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

I was recently in Target, browsing through the e.l.f beauty section in an attempt to purchase their acne fighting foundation (and they were out of stock, as usual). As I was exiting the aisle, these molten liquid eyeshadows from their Aqua Beauty range caught my eye. I had a brief internal struggle about the blessings of frugality vs the joy of makeup, and then threw all of the shades they had in my basket. DSC_0656.png

Part of what really drew me to this product was that I have never used a liquid eyeshadow before. And the other part was that the shadows were only $4 each! The backs of the packages claimed that the shadows give a “vibrant, metallic look”, and that they are “infused with Purified Water and Vitamin E to help hydrate.” Sounds like a great deal!

The instructions say that they should be applied to your bare eyelid, using the applicator. You are supposed to blend quickly, before the shadow dries. The first thing I did once I got home was test one to see how long it takes to dry. It turns out it takes 30 seconds to completely dry down, but that it is most workable within the first 15 seconds. Then, I wanted to see if these would work better when paired with a primer. So, I opened the shade Rose Gold and applied one swatch over my Too Faced Shadow Primer, and the other swatch over bare skin. The shadow does seem to perform better over bare skin.


The top swatch is over the primer, and the bottom swatch is over bare skin. I had to keep dipping the wand back in the container to touch up the top swatch; it kept sliding around my skin. Because this is a liquid formula, I don’t think it bodes well with a slick primer.

Next, I swatched all three shades on my other arm. Top is Liquid Gold, middle is Burnished Copper, and bottom is Rose Gold.


Natural lighting


With Flash

I was pretty disappointed with the consistency and pigmentation of the Liquid Gold and Burnished Copper swatches. I used about three layers of each, and they were STILL patchy! The Rose Gold (bottom swatch) was done with only one layer.

Next, I tried each of the shadows on my eyes.


The Liquid Gold one was awful. There was next to no color payoff, and it was entirely unblendable. I tried blending with my finger and with a brush, and it just comes right off. Patchy and not metallic at all. I do not recommend purchasing this shade.


The Burnished Copper was only slightly better. The pigmentation is a lot better with this shade, but it still is extremely patchy.


Rose Gold was definitely the best one of the three! It is a beautiful metallic color, and makes my eyelids feel very hydrated. It did take a couple coats to build it up to this color and consistency, but I can see myself using this again. I decided to work this shadow into my next makeup look:


Even though I do think the Rose Gold liquid molten eyeshadow gives you decent value for only $4, save your money if you are looking for a great product. I hope you enjoyed this review!


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