Ipsy Glam Bag Review (March 2017)

Hello my fellow makeup lovers! Today, I am going to be reviewing my March Glam Bag from ipsy. If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a makeup subscription service; you will receive 4-5 deluxe samples in a cute makeup bag each month. Click here to check it out. 🙂 Okay, let’s take a look at March’s bag design first.


I am really loving this month’s design; it is a shell pink with a funky black pattern. What I really love about it, though, is that it is a little larger than the usual ipsy bag. I use old bags to organize my makeup drawer, and this is going to fit quite a bit in it!

Now, on to the most important part: the contents!


There is a pretty good range of products this month. I received a brow liner, a cleanser, a lip product, an undereye corrector, and tweezers.


This coconut milk cleanser by Neogen starts off as a smooth cream, but transforms into suds as you rub it on! It feels lovely on the skin, and smells pretty good too. It says on the back that it is for all skin types, but I did have some bumps the morning after using this. However, I have really sensitive skin that is set off by a lot of cleansers – so it would probably work better for most people.

Retail Value of Travel Size: $19


The next item I received is a Fat Brow liquid liner by Eyeko London in Light/Medium. I was a little worried when I swatched the product, because it appears grey on my skin. However, it ended up making my brows look great & natural.. and it was so easy to apply! I definitely like it better than a standard brow pencil or a pomade.

This was full sized! Retail Value: $22


The tweezers I received are adorable, and perfect to stick in my purse. They are tiny, but still easy to hold on to. And, they have angled tips that really grasp on to those fine, hard-to-get hairs.  Definitely a winner!

Retail Value: $20


Next, we have the Photo Chick Dark Spot Corrector cream by City Color Cosmetics. I was a little skeptical when I saw the color… but it layers nicely under my concealer. Its best used by patting on instead of rubbing. I think it made a little bit of difference to my undereye shadows, but for now I’ll stick with my Bye Bye UnderEye Concealer.

Retail Value: $3.99


The last product was a Tarte Lip Paint in the shade Delish. I have several lip paints, and you can see a thorough review of their paints by reading this post.  The wand is less angled for this lip paint though, which I really like. It goes on smoothly, dries fast, and is a beautiful color. It is not transfer-proof whatsoever; in fact, it comes off easier than any other liquid lipstick I own. I still think it is a pretty nice product though!

Sample Size Retail Value: $3.50

And now, here I am wearing the brow liner, the dark spot corrector, and the lip paint.


Overall, I would give this bag a rating of 4 out of 5. The cleanser and the color corrector didn’t really do it for me, but I am LOVING the tweezers, lip paint, and brow liner. Plus, this bag had a value of $59! I definitely got my money’s worth with this one. I hope this review was helpful!  h


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