Tarte Color Vibes Amazonian Clay Pallette Review (With Swatches)

Hello friends! Around Christmas time, I went on a massive Tarte shopping spree, and have been loving the products. One product I’ve tried is the Color Vibes Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette, which is one of their limited-edition products. It is still available online for $41. Click here to check it out! I’ve been using this palette about three times a week for the last two months. I wanted to use it enough to form a solid opinion about the quality and wearability of these shadows, before writing a post. So, now that it’s been tested dozens of times, let’s dive right in!

The first thing you notice about this palette is the sturdy packaging. I have seen cuter palette designs, but I love how it isn’t flimsy whatsoever. There is a huge mirror on the lid, and it came with a decent brush (which isn’t very common with palettes!).


The shadows themselves look lovely in the packaging. There are 20 shades, so that comes out to about $2 per shade. I think that’s a pretty good deal, because the pans are fairly large. DSC_0430

And, let’s look at some swatches.


From top to bottom, these are Tarte’s description of the shades. I don’t think the swatches match their descriptions very well, but this is what they are “supposed” to be.

Pixel – pink champagne

Different Strokes – mauve

Glaze – golden pink

Color Vibes – plum bronze

Love Hue – warm rose

On the Monet – aubergine

For Realism – cool mulberry

Seascape – shimmering dark turquoise

And, some more swatches! DSC_0436

Again, from top to bottom:

Base Coat – pink ivory

A Beautiful Degas – rose gold

Exhibit – mauve pink

Modern Icon – metallic plum

Medium – brown

Venus – bronze

Pop Art Princess – rose quartz

Getty Up and Go – mulberry

There are also four highly pigmented eyeshadow powders: style, inked, mosaic, and illusion. They are very chalky, and stain everything – so I didn’t swatch those.

Pros and Cons

The shimmer shades in this palette are gorgeous, but the mattes are wishy-washy and their pigmentation leaves me underwhelmed. When I am doing my eyeshadow, I find myself reaching for other palettes to use mattes, and then using the Color Vibes to add a shimmer shade.

One thing I really do love about this palette is the creaminess of most of the shades. They are so easy to apply, and blend beautifully. My favorite shades to use are Pixel, On the Monet, Medium, and Pop Art Princess. The only two shades that I am very disappointed in are Seascape and Getty Up and Go. These two shades have a different texture from the rest of the palette, and it is hard to make them look nice. Seascape in particular was a huge let-down, because it looks gorgeous in the palette and in a finger swatch! If you pack it on heavily, it looks kind of similar to the swatch.. but if you attempt any type of blending, it turns into a muddy grey mess. If you work at it though, you can eventually get it to work but it will take a lot of time and makeup wipes.

Overall, I do think this is a good palette. There are lots of usable shades, and I do get my money’s worth. I just find it disappointing that the two unique shades don’t seem to work. Oh well, I am certainly content with dozen shades that I do love! In fact, I mentioned this product in my February Monthly Favorites post, because I use it so dang much! Here are two looks that I put together. (One of them is with that tricky Seascape; it looks a bit silly but that was after about 30 minutes of working with the shadow and a slight mental breakdown).


Shadows: Base Coat as a base coat :P, Pop Art Princess in middle of lid, For Realism in the crease,  A Beautiful Degas in the outer corner, Pixel in the inner corner.


It still looks a bit muddy, now that I’m looking at it close up… Oh well :/  Shadows used: Base Coat, Seascape on outer third, Glaze in middle of lid, Pixel in inner corner, Inked “liner” on outer corner.

I hope you find this review to be helpful! Let me know down below if there is anything else you would like me to review. 🙂 If it’s under $40, I’ll go for it!

Have a wonderful day






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