Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint

Hello friends! I recently received an order from Tarte in the mail, and one of the things in it was the Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set. I have been addicted to liquid lipsticks as of late, so when I saw this kit on sale for only $21 I knew I needed to try it.  In this post, I’m going to go over packaging, swatches, formula and give my overall thoughts. 


Warning! Objects in package are smaller than they appear. 😉 I knew that the lip paints would be small, but I was still a little taken aback. They are about the size of my thumb, and the cap takes up roughly half of that size. Furthermore, the glass on the product is quite thick, so you really are not getting that much product. For $21, I don’t think it is a bad deal at all, because you are still getting 8 shades. However, the original price of $42 would have been pretty excessive for these tiny little buggers.

On the inside, you have an angled applicator wand. I think it makes the product really easy to apply, and I actually like it better than the doe foot applicator you usually find in a liquid lipstick.

One more surface level thing I noticed: It smells like peppermint hot chocolate! This was a welcome change from the typical buttercream smell that a lot of liquid lipsticks tend to have.





Let me start by saying that these are so easy to apply! The creaminess of the product, combined with the angled wand allow you to get a beautiful look in under 10 seconds. (Longer if you want to use a second coat). They aren’t drying, which is another huge plus. However, I did have a couple issues. First of all, these are NOT transfer-proof whatsoever. I have worn these lipsticks every day for the past week, and they typically are a patchy mess within a couple hours – and that is without eating or drinking anything. After a meal, it’s a hot mess. I also found that the deepest shade, Soul, is very different in formula from the other shades and is possibly the worse liquid lipstick I have ever tried. It is gummy feeling, and extremely patchy. You can see just how awful it looks in the bottom lip swatch. That was after two coats of the product… I just couldn’t get it to look good! It is a shame, because it is such a beautiful shade. 😦

One more observation, which isn’t really a pro or a con. These are “matte” lip paints, but they don’t really seem matte on me upon dry-down. They are more similar in consistency to the Coulourpop Ultra-Satin lipsticks. I happen to enjoy those lipsticks, so this was not a con for me. However, if you are looking for an ultra-matte product, this is probably not for you.


I think at the sale price of $21, this was a good purchase. I have a sampling of the Tarte lip paints, and I am getting good use out of them. However, based on these samples, I would not buy a full size of any of these shades. This is because there are transfer-proof options for considerably cheaper.

I hope you found my review helpful! If you have tried these out, please let me know what your thoughts are below. 🙂



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