Epcot 2016 Photo-Journal

Yesterday, I went to my favorite Disney park with my mom and siblings: Epcot! I don’t go to Disney all that often, and it was was a special time. I want to share some of the photos & experiences of the day with you all. 🙂


Obligatory entrance photo. 😉


One of the things I loved most about going to Disney was the look of excitement on my sisters’ faces. I love seeing them so happy!


The first thing we did after entering the park was get some coffee. I know this picture makes me look incredibly basic, but I love frappuccinos!


We also stopped to take pictures in front of the HUGE Christmas tree! By the way, the holiday decorations at Epcot were amazing. It may have been a mild Florida morning, but it felt like a Winter Wonderland.


Next we headed to one of my favorite attractions: Living With the Land. This is a boat tour through the greenhouses of Epcot, and you are able to see where they grow huge variety of exotic fruits, veggies, and herbs.

After a little while, we headed to the Finding Nemo area. It was so much fun looking at all the different aquatic creatures! My favorite was definitely the manatee tank, and the seahorses.


We headed over to the World Showcase, and stopped by France first. I noticed these lovely sycamore leaves on the ground, and couldn’t help but snap a quick photo.


While in France, we were able to see their holiday event; Pierre Noel telling the story of Christmas in France!


Afterwards, I was a little peckish… So I picked up some tiramisu from Italy. This is actually one of my favorite desserts, so I couldn’t resist.


While walking to our next destination, we saw this in the sky!

Here are some pictures from the Morocco area. This is my favorite place to explore in the World Showcase. I love the thick, incense-filled air in the small shops!


We also stopped into Japan, and I had fun looking at all the cute food packaging! I ended up purchasing some Ramen and chopsticks for my boyfriend.


Mexico! I LOVE the Pavillion, and how the inside looks like the night sky. We went on The Three Caballeros ride, which I actually greatly prefer to It’s a Small World.

These are some of the items for sale within the Pavillion. I love the bright colors and bold patterns!


The day was coming to a close, but we wanted to see a couple more holiday shows. We stopped by Germany, and learned about the advent calendar.


Then, we stopped by Italy and met La Befana.


It was time to head home. We left the park, exhausted and happy. What a wonderful day! 🙂

Have you ever been to Epcot? Tell me all about your favorite Disney experience!

One thought on “Epcot 2016 Photo-Journal

  1. notsonormalweb says:

    love the photos! Brought me back! Grew up going to those parks every year and Epcot was always my favorite! One year, we got to do a private Segway tour around Epcot before the park opened! Magical! Thanks for sharing, brought some happiness back into my morning!


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