November Goals

Hello, friends! About this time every year, I start freaking out about how much I have yet to accomplish. The end of the year is in sight, and I go through a mini-existential crisis. This is part of the reason why I started my monthly goal series; at the end of the year, I want to read back through my blog and see that I actually have done things! I’ve gone skydiving,  made international friends, learned quite a bit of German, and so much more. Let’s see what I can get done in November. 🙂

Bucket List

This month, my bucket list goal is to visit a planetarium. A nearby museum has recently opened one up, and one show in particular seems interesting to me: Exotic Moons of the Solar System. My boyfriend and I are both really interested in space, so this might be a fun date activity!


My parents were kind enough to give me their elliptical yesterday, and I want to use it for 30 minutes a day for the rest of November. With full-time school, an internship, and a new volunteering position it has been difficult to find time to work out. My goal is to make time: maybe this means a little less late-night Netflix after homework. I always feel better after exercising, and generally feel more positive throughout the day.


I reorganized my bookshelves the other day, and I realized that I haven’t read many of my own books. I want to take a break from purchasing new books from Thriftbooks and going to the library, and instead focus on reading some of the books I already have. I would like to read 5 books from my personal shelves this month.

Creative Outlet

Just like September, I want to try out a new challenging recipe. This time though, I want to bring the dish to my parent’s Thanksgiving dinner. The pressure is on! I have been pinning possible recipes on Pinterest, so I’ve got to choose one and execute it properly. I might have to practice it first, to make sure it will turn out perfect.


One of my most popular blog posts is my Too Faced Born This Way foundation review. It typically brings in about 30 visitors a day from Pinterest (not a huge number of people, but a lot for this little blog!) I think the reason for its success was because I was telling it from the point of view of somebody with oily, cystic acne prone skin. This month, I want to review some other foundations, and determine which work best for people with skin similar to mine. Cystic acne is a pain in the butt, and I think a comprehensive guide would be really helpful for some people.

Make a Difference

I have started volunteering at an after-school program at a Title 1 school, and working as a reading tutor with 2nd graders. My goal is to be able to break through to these kids, and help them realize that reading is fun! One of my girls is very good at reading; she has a high word count, good comprehension, and great vocabulary – however, she said she doesn’t like reading because it “takes time away from playing”. This is making me see tutoring in a whole different light. I want to create fun reading/writing activities so that the kids actually enjoy learning. At the end of the month, I am hoping to at least spark these childrens’ interest in reading and learning.

6 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. MJ Cobra says:

    Wow, your own elliptical? Awesome! Ellipticals are so fun and a great way to work out your lower half. Good luck with the kids! I’ve been thinking about becoming a babysitter/tutor, because I really like helping with English, so it will be cool to read about your progress at the end of the month. 🙂 Best of luck!


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