October Goals Recap

It’s that time of the month again: the time where I talk about the goals that I was able to accomplish! This month went off to a bad start; I live in a coastal town that was hit by Hurricane Matthew.. I was relatively lucky; my apartment only lost power for a few days and I didn’t sustain any damage. That being said, it threw off my coursework and internship tasks a great deal. But, I’m all sorted out now and was still able to accomplish most of what I set out to do in my October Goals post.

Escape Room

Okay, my bucket list goal was originally to go parasailing. However, I had some unforeseen expenses this month and decided to go with something a lot more cost-effective: an Escape Room game! They have opened up a few of these in my area, and I’ve wanted to try it out for a couple months now. I found a pretty good deal on Groupon, and went today with my boyfriend. We started the game handcuffed and chained to a bed in a jail cell, and had to use clues in the room to figure out how to get out of the cell, out of the warden’s office, and out of the hallway! We even had to crawl under some green laser lights, that would set off an alarm if we touched them. It was supposed to take an hour, but we managed to finish it in 30 minutes. It was definitely an adrenaline rush!


Learn German

This month’s self-improvement goal was to begin learning German. I have been using Duolingo, and it is so much fun! I have managed to make it through about 1/5 of the entire course over the last month. I could probably move through it a lot faster, but I spend a lot of time going back and reviewing what I have already learned. At first, I thought German would be really hard to learn. After all, how am I supposed to remember that a word like “entschuldigung” means “I’m sorry”? But, it turns out that it isn’t that hard to get the hang of. Like anything, it just takes practice. Oh, and my favorite word so far? Kartoffel… which means potato, haha.

Take an Art Lesson

I was definitely reaching out of my comfort zone for my creative outlet goal… I really don’t have an artistic bone in my body. My drawings now look like how I drew when I was five years old. But, I wanted to at least attempt to learn! I was going to sign up for drawing lessons at a nearby Hobby Lobby, but they only had slots available on Thursdays in the middle of my interning hours. So instead, I signed up for a watercolor class on Craftsy. I like this a lot; it was only $20, and it contains a LOT of content. Right now, I am working on creating value sketches. You use these to determine basic shapes in your paintings, and where shadows should fall. I’m going to take my time at this, and hopefully get better with more practice.


I know these don’t look that great, but I’m getting better!

Read 3 Books from GoodReads List

My books goal was to choose & read three books from my GoodReads To-Read list. I chose Night Circus, The Geek Feminist Revolution, and The Handmaiden’s Tale. Let me start off by saying that Night Circus was amazing! It had such beautiful imagery, lush scenes, and best of all, magic. It was a thrilling world that I want to see for myself. The Geek Feminist Revolution was wonderful as well, but in a different way. This one really challenged me, and had me questioning the way that I see gender roles. The Handmaiden’s Tale was intense. I had to put it down after a few chapters, wait a few days, and then start over. The second time around, I was able to really appreciate it and see how the dystopian world is actually relevant to today’s society.

Interview a Solo Traveller

For my blog improvement goal, I wanted to interview a solo traveller and get their perspective for a post. I was able to interview Lydia from Where is Lydia. Check out the post here!


I really wanted to make a snail mail Penpal this month. I’ve signed up at Penpal World, and am currently communicating via email with several users. There are some really amazing people on this site, and it gives me such a great connection with women worldwide. I will try to transition from email to snail mail over the next several weeks.

Pura Vida Bracelets

I had hoped that my bracelets would be here by now, so that I could include a picture. 😦 If you haven’t heard about Pura Vida, they are definitely worth checking out. They sell hundreds of bracelets, each named after the cause they support. I’ve purchased an Autism Awareness and Juvenile Diabetes awareness; I have two siblings who have autism, and my childhood best friend had juvenile diabetes. I can’t wait to show my support for these causes by wearing the bracelets on my wrist.

I think this month went pretty well, all things considered. How has your month been?

9 thoughts on “October Goals Recap

  1. CleiaBeautyBlog says:

    Duolingo is great! Ive been using it to relearn French Its crazy to me that it’s a free resource. That’s a lot of goals accomplished!


  2. rhandahinton says:

    You had a busy month!! Its funny because I am literally just starting to do this, make monthly goals and post them. This month will be my first. Is it helping you to put it all out there?


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