Beauty Box 5 Review

I’ve been wanting to try & review a box from Beauty Box 5 for such a long time, and I’ve finally had the opportunity! Beauty Box 5 was kind enough to send me a box to review, and I wanted to share my findings with you. First, a bit about the subscription service itself:

What You Get: 5 deluxe or full-sized beauty samples each month. The types of products may range from makeup, haircare, skincare, nail polish, beauty tools, and fragrances. Beauty Box 5 also uses products from luxury, drugstore, and indie brands. You never know what you are going to get! 

Cost Breakdown: (From Beauty Box 5 FAQ Page)
–  Monthly Subscription: you are billed $12 every month.
–  Quarterly Subscription: you are billed $30 every 3 months. ($6 savings!)
–  Yearly Subscription: you are billed $99 every 12 months. ($45 savings!)

Lower 48 states of U.S.: Free!
Canada: $3 per box
As of right now, Beauty Box 5 does not ship to AK, HI, or overseas. 

Okay, so let’s take a look at the box!


My first impression opening the box: Wow, this is colorful! One of the products had confetti attached to it, which definitely made opening this a fun experience. I adore the packaging as well; everything fit nicely, and the box is a lovely shade of blue. One great thing I noticed was that the box is compact enough to fit inside my mailbox. The postal carrier brought it up to my door, but it is good to know that it wouldn’t have gotten smashed if he tried to put it in my box.

Now for the contents:


There is some nice variation to this box. There is a moisturizer, a teeth whitening gel, makeup wipes, setting powder, and a hair turban. I’m excited to try everything out!


The first product was a pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes by Simple Skincare. There are 7 wipes in the pack, and a full pack of 25 retails for $5.99. These wipes are incredibly moisturizing, and they take off my mascara so easily! I always dread taking off my eye makeup at the end of the day, because several lashes always fall out without fail. My lashes have gotten thinner over the last few years, and I’m always so paranoid that just fall out completely. Sometimes I don’t even wear eye makeup, because I don’t want the stress of taking it off at the end of the day. However, these wipes are wonderful; soft, filled with moisture, and ~best of all~ gentle. I am definitely going to purchase more when the pack runs out.


The second product was Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 by Pur-Lisse. This was a .5 oz travel-sized bottle, which retails for $20. It isn’t much smaller than the full-sized 1.7 oz bottle, which retails for $55! I was not expecting such a high value product to be in the box. This is definitely a more luxury product; it contains white tea, soy proteins, and algae extracts to moisturize the skin while also calming sensitive complexions. I was a little nervous to try this; if you’ve read some of my other beauty review posts, you know I have oily skin that breaks out easily. Because of this, I usually don’t incorporate moisturizer into my daily skincare routine. However, I tried this out 2 days ago and I didn’t get a single blemish from it! Now that I’ve passed the 48 hour trial period, I will definitely be incorporating it into my daily skincare routine.


The third product was a travel-sized bottle of Teeth Whitening Gel by Go Smile. I could not find the retail value of it online, but a full-sized 3.7 oz tube retails for $29. I was so excited to see this in the box, as I’ve been considering getting my teeth whitened lately. I’ve used this twice a day for the last two days. I’ll keep you guys posted as to the results.


Next we have the Smooth Criminal HD Finishing Powder by Be a Bombshell. It’s a full-sized product, and retails for $7. I have just about used up my trusty ELF HD Powder, so this was a welcome sight. I incorporated it into my makeup routine yesterday at 6 a.m.; I came home 9 hours later, and my face was pretty much intact! The only thing I needed to touch up during the day was my lipstick, which is in no way affected by the powder.


Yep,. that’s a big old picture of my face. I’m looking a bit like a vampire lately, because I haven’t been out in the sun very much (I’m blaming the 90 degree weather). Oh well. 😛


All right, time for the final product! I know this photo is gigantic, but I want you all to see just how big this thing is. This is a Happy Hair Turban. It is a full sized product (duh!), and retails for $18. I was a little confused when I first unfolded it; I had never used a hair turban before and had no idea how to get my hair in it! I think I’ve got it just about figured out now. It’s very soft, and it doesn’t make my hair frizzy at all.

That was all the products in the box! My favorite thing was definitely the moisturizer; it’s wonderful to actually be able to incorporate a moisturizer into my daily skin care routine without breaking out. All in all, the box had a total value of about $50 – which I think is awesome! If you guys are interested in signing up for Beauty Box 5, just head here. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Beauty Box 5, or any of these products. What are your thoughts?



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