September Goals

I read a book the other day, that really got me thinking about my life; am I stuck doing the same old things, not really growing in any way? I want to live a meaningful life that is fulfilling and makes a difference in the world. To help get me started, I’ve decided to create a monthly goals list. I’ll share the results of this list at the end of September. Here we go!

Bucket List

  • Go Skydiving: Several months ago, I purchased a Groupon for tandem skydiving. I’ve had skydiving on my bucket list for over a year, but I am also terrified of heights. So, this Groupon has just been sitting in my account, and is due to expire soon. This upcoming month, I want to face my fears and finally go!


  • Read 3 meaningful books: I love reading; I’m a bookworm, and proud of it. However, a lot of the books I read don’t make a significant impact on my life. I am immersed while reading, but then don’t think about the book again once it is finished. This month, I want to pick out three books that are meaningful, and will challenge me to think about my life and inspire me to make changes where needed. I’ve done a lot of searching on Goodreads, and I’ve decided that I want to read:
    • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.
    • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
    • Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Creative Outlet

  • Try a hard recipe: A couple months ago, I signed up for Rouxbe, an online cooking class that has given me a good foundation in creating delicious, healthy dishes. However, I have found that I shy away from certain recipes because they seem too hard. I don’t want to spend money on ingredients, and have the final product turn out inedible. This month, I want to pick out one recipe that I have been avoiding, and make it to the best of my ability. Who knows, it might just turn out great!


  • Write a minimum of one post per week: Last semester, I let my blog fall to the wayside as I became busy with classes. This time around, I want to make my blog a priority and be sure to post at least once per week. Guys, help keep me accountable! Haha. 🙂


  • Write a letter: I have two sisters; one 7 years old, and one 8. I absolutely adore them, but I don’t get to talk to them as often as I would like. What I want to do this month is pick out some stationary that I know they would love, and write them a letter. I know I could just call, but I think writing is so much more personal; and they can keep the letter and reread it for as long as they want.

Make a Difference

  • Sign up for shifts at food bank: Every week, I volunteer at a high school. However, that is required for my education program –  I would also like to do some sort of volunteering of my own volition. There is a food bank that I volunteered at once in high school; I remember loving the experience. The food bank has a branch near where I live now, and they have an easy shift sign-up process. This month, I would like to volunteer there at least once; more, if my schedule allows it.

So, that’s what I would like to accomplish during the month of September. I challenge you to create your own goals list. What are some things you would put on it?


11 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. MJ Cobra says:

    Hey, I just found your blog from Marzia’s! Reading your goals is very inspiring, and I like everything you choose (can’t wait to hear about that skydiving adventure..!). I did something similar in July, but got discouraged when I couldn’t make a goal happen or it was done differently from how I planned, and ultimately scrapped the post. You’ve inspired me to go for it again, and I wish you all the luck in September! I’d like to read that book as well… 🙂


  2. TheFallibleQueen says:

    I’m planning to maintain consistency in blog posts. I love the idea of bucket lists, I’ve thought about sky diving but I would be too nervous. I want to explore more of my surroundings like art museums, restaurants and botanical gardens💕

    Liked by 1 person

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