Eating Macaroons in France (EFCB Part 7)

Welcome to Part 7 of my travel journal! If you are interested in receiving a referral code for $100 off any EFCB trip, please send an email to 

The trip is coming to a close soon, which is casting a bit of a shadow over me today. The last several days have taught me so much, and I’ve made such amazing friends… My boyfriend texted me today asking if I am ready to come home; I said no – I just wish he was here with me. I don’t want to go home… Or at least not for a while longer. 

We left the hotel at 9:00 a.m., and departed from Switzerland. I had mixed feelings about this. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life; but, it was very expensive. I can seee myself going broke if I tried to stay there for an extended amount of time.

We headed to France, for a surprise excursion. EF College Break decided to use our group as the tester for a new excursion – so we were going to a beautiful French village to do a wine tasting… free of charge! Unfortunately, this change of route meant we could not drive through the Black Forest on the way to Frankfurt. That was something I was looking forward too, but perhaps I can do it if I ever come back to Germany.

We made it to Eguisheim a bit past noon. We had some free time to explore and grab some lunch before the wine tasting. Holy smokes, the town was so beautiful. It actually looked like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast! In fact, I Googled the town later that night, and it appears to have actually inspired the beginning scene of Beauty and the Beast. So cool!


Once again, I found a souvenir shop and bought a magnet. I’m really not sure how much space my fridge is going to have on it now, haha. I then went to lunch with a few girls from my group. We decided to order a couple larger menu items, and share them amongst ourselves. We had a munster tartiflette (my favorite dish of this trip, so far), and a salad with crostini, prosciutto, and goat cheese.

There was still some time left after lunch, so I ventured into the chapel. It had such beautiful stained glass windows, and opera music was playing softly. When I exited the church, I saw that Lindsey had bought macaroons and I decided to find some for myself. It was a lovely little bakery, filled with all sorts of treats. It took all of my self control to not buy more than just macaroons. I bought a bag with 8 or 9; all in beautiful colors.  A proper French treat.


Finally, it was time for the wine tasting. This town actually had several wineries, as it was on the edge of miles of vineyard. The one we went to was very quaint, and had a lovely flower-filled courtyard. It was called Baur Vins Fins D’Alsace. Inside, we sampled four wines – including Champagne. I actually preferred the wine tasting in Italy, but this was still wonderful.

Afterwards, we headed back to the bus – this time Frankfurt was our destination. It was another 4 or 5 hours on the bus. We made it to the hotel just past 8, and met up at 9:15 to go to the Old Town (Aldstadt). It was a 20 minute walk along the beautiful river. It was fun to watch the party boats go by, and to see the lights of the city. We made it to the Old Town, and grabbed food at a burger joint called Jamy’s. I bought a grapefruit lemonade, a burger with avocado, and sweet potato fries. The food was so good! And, refreshingly cheap after Switzerland.


Sarah, Lindsey, and I walked back to the hotel together while everybody else went to find a club. I enjoyed a nice night in, watching Netflix. See you tomorrow!

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