White Water Rafting in Italy (EFCB Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of my travel journal! If you are interested in receiving a referral code for $100 off any EFCB trip, please send an email to whimsicalchickblog@gmail.com

Today was an early start; we got up at 6:30 for breakfast, and left at 7:30. For breakfast, I ventured out a little and tried Weisswurst. The taste reminded me a bit of liverwurst – I think Mom would love it.

Once on the bus, it took us about an hour and a half to reach Austria. My God, the landscape was so gorgeous. We were surrounded by huge mountains on either side, and pictures couldn’t do them justice. I spent most of the ride gaping out the windows in awe.

A but later, we stopped at a rest station, and they were charging 50 cents just to use the bathroom! I mean, come on, it’s not like I had to pee on purpose.. Oh well.

The rest station also had a beautiful lookout area over the mountains and valley villages; I got some pretty good photos from that.

Scenery Pictures (Slideshow)

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We got back on the bus, and stopped a short while later in Innsbruck, which contains a hotel that Mozart used to stay at – the Weisses Kreuz. Because of this, Mozart’s face was on so many souvenirs throughout the city. Innsbruck is also home to the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl),  which is so beautiful. The roof was made golden to commemorate an emperor’s marriage.. what a wedding gift!

The architecture in historic Innsbruck was gorgeous; they had preserved the integrity of the buildings for centuries! Also, there was a huge mountain, serving as a backdrop behind the palace. It was so perfect looking; it almost seemed like a cardboard backdrop for a play.

So, now for my Innsbruck adventures: First, I walked down the main street, trying to find a place to eat. A mime stopped me and another girl from the group. He danced with her, and then kissed my hand. His mouth was so wet… Yuck! I got a little pissed off that he thought it was okay to just grab me without permission, so he backed off after I shot him a look. Next, I stopped at an art stand, and bought a beautiful drawing of the Golden Roof building. I can’t wait to put it up when I get home!

Afterwards, I visited a small market – and the prices were quite cheep. I purchased a salami sandwich, water, and decided last minute to get some Mozart white chocolate liqueur. It was my first time buying alcohol (I’m not old enough in the U.S.). I sampled some of the liqueur, and it was really tasty! I also visited the next door shop, and picked up some handmade goat’s milk soap. It smells of rosemary, which is one of my favorite scents.

Whilst eating, I wandered through the alleys a bit. There was a perfumerie that made me stop dead in my tracks. It smelled so good! I just stood in the street with my eyes closed, taking huge whiffs. I probably looked like an idiot, but I don’t really care.

Next. I wandered back up the main street, and found a gelato shop. I got a scoop pf dark chocolate, and a scoop of lemon. The dark chocolate was delicious, but the lemon was so sour, it made my throat burn! I think it has a lot less sugar than other gelatos I have tried.

I sat down to eat the gelato, and was approached by these two guys selling magazines. I told them I didn’t want any, but they kept begging for money, and trying to be flirtatious. It was making me really uncomfortable; these guys obviously weren’t homeless, but they wouldn’t stop harassing me for money. Finally, I just shouted “GOOD BYE!”, and they backed off. Later, I mentioned this to Fabrice, and he said they were probably gypies. I am learning that it doesn’t work to say no quietly, or to ignore the person. I’m going to have to be more firm about it right from the start.

Innsbruck Pictures (Slideshow)

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At 12:30, everybody met back up, and we boarded the bus; this time, we were headed to Italy! We were there in 45 minutes; a lot faster than I expected. We went on our white water rafting excursion. I am so glad I went! I wasn’t going to at first, but Sarah talked me into it at the last minute.

The raft guide told us that the river was made of melted glacier water from Austria; that’s probably why it was so cold! As we went down the river, we were surrounded by majestic mountains. It certainly felt like a grand adventure: paddling down glacier water in Italy, surrounded by mountains. I wish I could have taken photos. 😦

Nobody fell off of the raft, which I was thankful for. That was probably what I was the most worried about. The drops weren’t bad at all; in fact, I wouldn’t mind doing a more intense ride next time.

When the guide steered us the the shore, I actually gasped. We had been out for nearly an hour, but I didn’t want it to ever be over!


After changing, we got back on the bus, and headed towards Venice. We are staying on the mainland, and the area seems to be a bit sketchy. I hope the island tomorrow is better! So, we walked over to a pizza place, and I had a Parmigiana pizza. SO delicious! I also had Nutella tiramisu, which was a little odd but still good.


I’m back at the hotel now, and about to go to bed. Exploring Venice tomorrow! Good night. 🙂


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