World Market Haul

World Market is one of my FAVORITE places to shop. As soon as I walk in, I’m struck by the warm, welcoming layout, the exotic music, and -most of all- the candles! I come here a few times a month, and always find something new that catches my fancy. I’d like to share a bit about my most recent purchases. 

First and foremost, I bought these freaking amazing candles! I was always a Bath and Body Works girl, until I smelled World Market candles. They aren’t as strong, but the scents are so beautiful. It’s almost like eating a tiny portion of gourmet food, versus a huge plate of junk food. The junk food satisfies your cravings, but the gourmet food has such a wonderful flavor profile and is meant to be savored. Although, I wouldn’t suggest eating these candles. 😉

I chose the Clementine & Honey, and White Verbana & Pear candles. The Clementine & Honey is such a sweet, subtle scent.  I like to light it in the evening, while I’m eating dinner. The White Verbana & Pear is more of a spring-time scent, very fresh and fruity. This stays in my kitchen, and brightens up my house in the daytime. These have quickly become my favorite candles!

World Market also has a wonderful foreign snacks & drinks section. There are some staples that are always in stock, but sometimes they receive one-time shipments of special products. When I find a drink that I like, I ask an employee if it will become a regular product. If not, I make sure to stock up!

This time around, I found a soda that contains elderflower, which I knew I had to get! I am infatuated with elderflower; in fact, one of the drinks I’ve stocked up on in the past was elderflower sparkling water. There were 20 bottles left, and World Market was not going to replenish the product, so I bought every single bottle. Yeah.. I may have a problem, haha! Anyways, when I saw this elderflower lemonade, I immediately grabbed it off the shelf. There was only one can left (just my luck), but it was delicious.

I also purchased a Japanese soda – watermelon Ramune, to be precise. This was actually sickeningly sweet, but the bottle is so adorable. If you haven’t had Ramune before, let me get you up to speed. Their bottle necks are very unique; they have a marble stopper that you have to push down into the bottle. It makes the experience quite fun!


The last things I purchased were a teapot, and wildberry hibiscus tea. I think this teapot is so adorable, and it comes with a tea leaf sieve! I like to have a pot of tea every morning, and having a sieve in the teapot makes it more convenient. When the tea is done steeping, I just bring the pot out to the table, and have a few cups as I eat breakfast and catch up on emails. I especially love how tiny this pot is; just the perfect size for one person!

Well, that’s everything. If you have a World Market nearby, and you’ve never been, go check it out! I’m sure you’ll find something you’d love.

The Whimsical Chick


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