Recent Beauty Product Favorites

I have been splurging a bit on beauty products the past couple weeks, and I came across a few fantastic products! I wanted to show you which products have quickly become a staple part of my beauty routine. Hopefully, these products can satiate me, before I use up the rest of my spending money. 😉


Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask by LUSH ($10.95)

This product has changed my life! Okay, not really, but it sure feels like it. I put a little of this on my face when I’m getting ready in the mornings. Not only does the coffee in the mask wake me up, but it also leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky. It also seems to have calmed down my acne flareups and balanced my oily skin. A little of this mask definitely goes a long way. I got the smaller size; I’ve used it about 10 times, and there iss till half of it left! And, one of the biggest pros: It smells soooo good, and tastes even better! (Yes, I may have sneaked a lick or two).


Beached Bronzer by Urban Decay ($28)
Shade: Bronzed

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay
Shade: Light Neutral ($28)

These are actually the first Urban Decay products I have ever tried! And, let me tell you, they are definitely worth all the hype. The concealer feels like gossamer, and perfects my complexion. Even my boyfriend, who is clueless about makeup, noticed the difference.

The bronzer is absolutely heavenly. I use this to create a nice contour along my cheekbones. It is buildable, not orangey at all, and looks natural! I will definitely be reaching for this every day throughout the summer.


Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop ($6)
Shade: Dr. M

Lippie Pencil by ColourPop ($6)
Shade: Bull Chic

I normally stick to nude lips, but something about ColourPop makes me feel adventurous. I was browsing through their site, awed by all the gorgeous lip colors they have. I stumbled upon this one, and I was floored. I had never tried a shade remotely similar to this, and I knew I had to have it! When it came in the mail, I put it on immediately and fell in love. I’ve worn it out quite a few times, and have received compliments on it. I especially love when little kids stare at me, like I’m some sort of greenish-blue lipped fairy!

I followed ColourPop’s suggestion, and purchased the Bull Chic lip liner to go along with it, and I think it pairs quite well. Below are swatches, and a photo of me wearing it.



Those were my favorite beauty purchases as of late, and I would definitely recommend these to any reader looking to try something new. Hope you enjoyed!


7 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Product Favorites

  1. BeautyByStarlet says:

    Ooo can’t wait to try the body mask by lush!!! ❤ almost all LUSH products and can't wait to try and smell this mask! Sounds delicious, hehe! Just posted my own April favorites and would appreciate some <3! Following your page now 🙂


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