How to Get Free Amazon Products

Have you ever read the comments on an Amazon product, only to see that half of the reviewers say they got the product free in exchange for a review? I know I have; loads of times- especially with beauty products. I always assumed that these reviewers had popular blogs, and were sought out for their opinion. However, after looking into it, I realized that anybody can get free products! Amazon is a huge marketplace of sellers, who are all wanting their products to be successful. Having reviews on their product can play a huge role in how popular it becomes. So, the sellers partner with websites that give coupons to site members in exchange for their honest review of the product. We get a coupon for a free product, try it out, and then leave a review. We’re happy because we got an awesome product for hardly any effort, the seller is happy because their product is now on the radar, and the website creator is happy because the seller is paying to partner with them. Everybody wins! This is an especially good deal for you though, if you have Amazon Prime. Most of the products offere

There are many sites out there that you can sign up for, but there are only 2 that are really worth your time. The first is Elite Deal Club, which I use on a daily basis. They release coupons for 100 items at 10 a.m. EST, and then for another 25 items at 2 p.m. EST. They send you an email every morning, so you can see what products will be released, so you can plan what you will get. You can only get 1 product at 10 a.m, and then you can get as many as you want at 2 p.m.  These do sell out quite fast, but there are often repeat deals; enough people have already bought those, so you have a better chance. I have received about 30 products from this site in the last few weeks. My favorite one has to be a memory foam body pillow. It was originally $79 on Amazon, but I got it for $4.99 with my promo code! There are also a lot of face masks and beauty products that go on sale every day, so check it out if you’re into that.

The second site that I use is Snagshout. They generally have a better selection, and you don’t have to worry about beating a rush of people when products release. However, you can only purchase one product at a time, and cannot get a new one until you review that product. Then, the day after reviewing, you can get another product. So, if you have 2 day shipping, and take 2 days to test the product, you can expect 1 product every 5 days or so.

One cool thing about Elite Club Deals and Snagshout is that most of the product offered are Amazon Prime. That means, if you have a prime membership, you can get free 2 day shipping! Also, if you didn’t know, college students can get a free Amazon Prime membership; just sign up with your college email.

Now, get to shopping!



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