LUSH Review [Cruelty-Free Beauty]

LUSH is an amazing company to buy beauty products from; not only are their products cruelty-free, but they are also made with a lot of natural oils and ingredients! I placed an order a couple weeks ago on their UK site, and I’ve had a chance to sample all of it. Here’s a tip, guys: Always order from the UK site! Even though shipping is expensive, the products themselves are way cheaper than the U.S. site. Check out this site, and see how the price differences break down.

For this order, I focused mostly on bath products. The main thing that drew me to LUSH was their shampoo and conditioner bars, and I just couldn’t help myself when I saw all the other cool goodies in the bath section.


Left: NEW Shampoo Bar £5.95 ($9.12) Center: Karma Komba Shampoo Bar £5.95 ($9.12) Right: Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner £5.95 ($9.12)

I have mixed feelings about the shampoo bars. The New shampoo bar is my favorite, and it smells divine. It contains cinnamon, clove, and peppermint, which both fragrance my hair, and make it shine. The Karma Komba shampoo bar does not smell as good to me; I think it would smell better on my boyfriend. It contains lemongrass, pine, and patchouli, so it has an earthier scent. Both of the shampoo bars lather well, and gently clean the hair. Unfortunately, I might not be purchasing these again. I bought them without thoroughly examining the ingredients, as I had heard that their shampoo bars use all natural ingredients. However, they do contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which I try not to use in my hair, as it is toxic. Lush lists it as a safe synthetic, but numerous scientific studies show otherwise.

The Sugar Daddy-O conditioner bar left me unimpressed. It did an adequate job at making my hair soft, but it was hard to lather. Furthermore, upon drying, it started to emit a rather nasty smell. It smelled wonderful the first time I used it though!


Needles and Pines Shower Jelly £3.75 ($5.75)

Next is the Needles and Pines shower jelly. This was an amazing product! You stick it in the freezer a few hours before you want to take a shower (or just leave it in overnight), and then use it as a shower gel when it’s nice and cold. It stimulates your circulation and softens your skin, all while smelling wonderful. It has cedarwood, pine, and grapefruit oil,  and it has quite a nice fragrance. I was scared that it was going to be too cold to use, but it felt perfect under the warm water. The only thing that I didn’t like was that I kept dropping it- it’s very slippery!

Happy Hippy Shower Gel £3.95 ($6.05)

Happy Hippy Shower Gel £3.95 ($6.05)

The Happy Hippy Shower Gel can be used on both the hair and the body, but I just used it on my body. It has fresh pink grapefruit juice in it, as well as bergamot, frankincense, and grapefruit oils. It smelled so good! Almost good enough to drink- which I think is because it had the fresh juice in it. It lathered well, and left me smelling like grapefruit for a couple hours after the shower. I would definitely recommend this product.

Dirty Shaving Cream £5.75 ($8.81)

Dirty Shaving Cream £5.75 ($8.81)

The Dirty shaving cream just wasn’t for me. I thought I would like the smell (cedarwood, sandalwood, lavender), but it ended up smelling like burnt rubber. It also left a very tacky residue on my legs after shaving, which was hard to get off. This just didn’t seem like a very good product. I don’t know if all of their shaving creams are like that, or just this one; but I am hesitant to buy any other kind of shaving cream from them.

Movis Facial Soap £4.50 ($6.89)

Movis Facial Soap £4.50 ($6.89)

The Movis Facial Soap was an unexpected miracle. When I first took it out of the box, I grimaced; It did not look like something I wanted to put on my face, and it smelled like unbaked dough. But, after a few days of using it, I had completely changed my attitude towards it! It is made from wholemeal bread, coconut butter, and wheatgerm oil; the bread gently exfoliates your skin, and the oil and coconut butter softens it. After using this, my face was much brighter and smoother!

Beautiful Pea Green Soap £4.20 ($6.44)

I ordered Beautiful Pea Green Soap from the Lush Kitchen. The Kitchen makes small batches of unique products, so this product is not in stock right now. However, it may be available in the future. The soap came with a whole marigold flower embedded in it, which I thought was interesting. It is a nicely scented hand soap, and the plant parts do provided a little bit of exfoliation. It did arrive a little melted, but that was probably because it came from the UK.


Tea Tree Toner Water £8.50 ($13.02)

The Tea Tree Toner Water was another one of my favorites. It contains tea tree water, grapefruit water, and juniperberry water; the combination of these does wonders for your skin. It both refreshed my skin, and helped it to clear up. The tea tree was the key ingredient; it has antibacterial properties, which keep pores from getting clogged with gunk. It also smelled great, and worked as a makeup remover. I love that the bottle is so big, because I plan on using a lot of this!


Left: Sparkle Toothy Tab £2.50 ($3.83). Right: Atomic Toothy Tab £2.50 ($3.83)

The last thing I ordered were Sparkle and Atomic Toothy Tabs. The Sparkle tabs contain lemon, grapefruit, and black pepper, and are meant to whiten your teeth. The Atomic tabs are supposed to freshen your breath, and contain coffee, clove, and ginger. Neither of these particularly tasted good, but they both made my breath smell great! I would probably stick to the Sparkle tabs though, because the Atomic tabs are brown, and I’m concerned that the coffee in them might stain my teeth. My teeth were subtly whiter after using the Sparkle kind, so it did it’s job. I plan on incorporating these into my morning routine.

That’s everything from my order! LUSH seems like a great company, and I will definitely continue to buy from them. Check them out! 


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