Daydreaming: How a Wandering Mind Increases Productivity

All my life, I’ve been told that daydreaming is a form of procrastination; you’ve probably been told that as well. If you have a test to study for, or a deadline to meet, taking precious time to daydream is generally frowned upon. But, a wandering mind is actually a tool your brain uses to be more productive! 

1. Zoning Out is Healthy

Zoning out keeps your brain from getting burnt out. If you’re having trouble solving a problem, it’s entirely possible that you’re just thinking too hard and need a break! Having your brain endlessly “on” will actually stagnate your productivity levels. Take a few minutes and let your mind wander. This will help clear you up, and you will feel more refreshed when you’re ready to start working again. One more awesome thing about zoning out: While you mentally drift around, your brain continues to work on challenges and making creative connections that you couldn’t make while actively thinking. This is how you get those “A-ha!” moments seemingly out of nowhere; your brain was working on the problem without you knowing!

2. Let Your Mind Wander Naturally

Daydreaming doesn’t necessarily have to be about your fantasies. If your mind wanders to a fictional world, that’s okay; it gives you a break while your brain subtly works behind the scenes. But, if you find yourself starting to daydream about areas of your work or life, let it happen. Some people’s minds gravitate towards the future, and they find themselves connecting with their long-term goals, and planning ways to get there. This one-on-one time with your mind will help you come up with all kinds of ways to accomplish your goals!

3. Put Away Technology

By daydreaming, I don’t mean go on Facebook or play Trivia Crack. This sensory input can actually overwhelm your brain even more, and will definitely not help you refresh. Turn off the monitor, put away your cell phone, and do some good, old-fashioned daydreaming.

I hope this helped! Next time you’re stuck on something and just can’t seem to find a solution, take a few minutes and let your mind wander. 🙂



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