10 Things to do in Your 20’s

If you are in your 20’s, and your average day consists entirely of Netflix, this is the article for you! As we grow older, we take on more responsibilities and have less time to do fun things; kids,a spouse, a job… While these things can be fulfilling, they are also time-consuming. It might seem like you’ll never have the free time to do what you want until you retire! That’s why NOW is the time to get out there and live life to the fullest, while you are youthful and energetic. I’ve compiled a list of some things you can try, to get you started.

  • Face your fears
    Are you afraid of heights? Go skydiving. Are you afraid of the dark? Go on a cave tour. Even if confronting your fears doesn’t make them go away, at least you know that you were strong enough to look them in the face and laugh. You will know that you are capable of anything, even if it scares you.
  • Volunteer
    There are many opportunities for you to volunteer, both abroad and in your community. Volunteering not only changes your life, but the life of other people as well. And what better time to do it, but now? Go Overseas: Volunteer Abroad has many affordable volunteer programs, where you can provide relief to people in suffering areas. You can play to your strengths- there are construction, education, child-care, health services, and many other areas available. If you can’t go abroad, then check out your local area. Homeless shelters and food pantries are always welcoming new volunteers!
  • Take a Yoga Class
    Yoga is very beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Creating a foundation now will also help you maintain your flexibility and physical fitness as you age. Plus, it will help you meet new people and form friendships!
  • Go On a Road Trip
    Grab some friends and hit the road! This is the best time in your life to do this (and the strongest your bladder will ever be). See the Grand Canyon, hike Stone Mountain, explore St. Augustine. See everything you’ve ever wanted to see! Make memories. 🙂
  • Read a Classic
    Classic literature has stayed so relevant through the ages. Even though it can be hard to read, it both teaches you about morals and linguistics of times past, and often makes you reevaluate your values. And, there’s the bonus of the challenge that stimulates your mind. Maybe you’ve always wanted to tackle Moby Dick, or perhaps you’ve longed to read and understand The Iliad. Go for it!
  • Decorate Your Bedroom
    The average person spends at least 30% of their life in the bedroom. Why not have it be a beautiful place that you love to be in? What is your style? What invigorates your mind and invokes happy feelings? Find what you love, and let your room reflect that. If you love to reflect on happy memories, a photo wall may be good. If you like to read, fill it with bookshelves and create your own library! If you want to meditate, fill your room with pure colors and things that make you feel at peace.
  • Make a Time Capsule
    Maybe you think that your life is ordinary, but I can assure you that you will love looking back on this when you are old. Fill a time capsule with snippets of things that are important to you- write out your favorite quotes, put in some photos, slide in a love letter. 20, 30, maybe 40 years down the road, this will be a lovely look back on your life. And, your future children and grandchildren will love this peek into your life!
  • Try Geocaching
    This is so much fun! If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, this website will help you get started.
  • Learn a Foreign Language
    You never know when this one will come in handy! It will help you communicate better with people around you, and will look great on a resume. Plus, if you ever do any international traveling, you are just that much more prepared. Duolingo is a great site to help you learn a new language!
  • Try Creative Writing
    This is a wonderful way to get out your emotions, put words to your thoughts, and express yourself. There are many outlets you can try; poetry, and short stories are a couple ways. Or, maybe you will better express yourself through fanfiction or blogging! Do whatever works best for you. Even if nobody reads it, it’s a wonderful feeling to put your thoughts into words.

Feel free to add to these tips to create your own list! What other things might you want to do in your 20’s?






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